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Smart Camera Systems

Not only seeing, not recording! New generation camera systems that provide active security that analyze, warn and prevent events from the image.

insan sayma

Has there been fewer visitors, or has there been a decrease in the number of customers with no noticeable change in the number of visitors? Here is the answer to this critical question,

yüz tanıma kamerası

Facial features are defined as very important distinguishing features that individuals have innate, such as fingerprints, that make them different and unique from other people. We offer an effective analysis solution through the camera

olay analizi kamera yazılımı

It is not possible to view the cameras with the human eye and to interpret the images. Due to all these needs, image - event analysis software has been developed that interprets the images taken from Platin Technology cameras and enables the scenarios determined beforehand.

Plaka tanıma yazılım

Your system, which enables license plate recognition and recording from the camera image, has been developed to ensure safe vehicle circulation and record license plates.

çatı yazılım ile entegrasyon

CCTV system, Fire detection and notification system, Access Control system and all weak current systems
central rooftop software solutions that provide integration

inşaat ve etkinlik kamerası

It offers solutions with event cameras that enable the visualization of the movements in the construction, event, concert, fair grounds as short films, the development of the building in the construction operations as a timelapse short film.

köy ilçe il kameradan canlı

If you want to monitor your IP based cameras that you use in your security system from your website. Solution In Platinum technology, we enable you to broadcast your brand and model independent IP cameras without the need for an additional codec, player, password etc. and watch them from any browser and desktop and mobile devices.

termal kamera

We offer effective security solutions with thermal cameras that function in absolute darkness. You can detect motion from the obtained image and analyze environmental risks. Fixed objects such as tree fences etc., environmental effects such as rain and snow in the environment do not create false alarms.

akıllı direk

It is time to switch from classic poles where lighting is provided in the streets and advertising postings are hung on some central areas, to smart poles.
So what is there in the smart pole;
Solar Led Fixture for lighting, Wi-fi, Smart Camera, Air quality, Panic button, Intercom advertising area, Solar charging station

radar ile çevre güvenlik

Thanks to the developing technology and smart cameras in all areas such as military facilities, industrial areas, ports, customs areas etc. where environmental security is at the forefront, it is possible to ensure environmental security by using only IP camera system. If the fog does not settle, if it does not snow, you are safe. The solution will be a new generation integrated radar.

kablosuz kamera

Professional camera system communication solutions that can work with solar energy even if there is no electricity are offered with wireless cameras as a solution in areas that require serious modifications and costs in cable routing.

Otomatik Sesli Işıklı Uyarı ve Konuşma

You can get support from Platin Technology experts for sound and light warning solutions that can be integrated with the existing IP Camera system and software specific to your Perimeter Security Project.

Akıllı Kamera Sistemleri: Hizmetler
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