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Face Recognition and Equivalent Detection Software

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Facial features are described as very important distinguishing features that individuals have innate, such as fingerprints, that make them different and unique from other people. This discrimination disappears only in identical twins. The basis of face recognition software is based on the system automatically capturing and comparing some characteristics and features of that face from the images of existing faces. The most important feature of this technology is that it is a technology that provides the desired security in the area where it is applied without causing anyone to experience stress or discomfort. The human faces in the video images to be taken with the existing systems can be automatically detected and followed with these software.

Therefore, while individuals maintain their usual mobility, security research can be performed on them and no discomfort is created. Different methods or approaches are used in face identification technology, and the success of the application to be chosen determines the quality of the chosen method or approach.

The solutions we have developed for our customers are shaped by our expert staff on the basis of the FaceVACS® system technology of the German Cognitec company, completely in line with your needs. FaceVACS® has been used successfully in the service of many governments and organizations in many parts of the world since 1996. System applications based on this software, such as the automatic border control system installed in Australia's Sydney International Airport in 2002, meet today's increasing security requirements effectively and inexpensively with future technologies at the service of security units.

Suspect Identification and Tracking Automation:

With the automatic face recognition system, suspicious persons can be detected automatically among the people who are in a certain place (building, facility, etc.). The system keeps the people who frequently use the space and who are known (for which reason they visited the facility) (for example, customer, cargo, catering company officer, etc.) on the white list, and the people who are not understood why they visited the facility and frequently encountered people on the black list. At this point, the system alerts the security officer (operator) when people on the black list walk around the facility, the building or the surrounding areas, and it is ensured that the reasons for their presence in the facility and its surroundings are clarified by the security unit. In our applications, suspicious persons can be defined on the basis of the parameter of the frequency of visits made in a certain period according to the requests from the institutions.

Tracking Persons Wanted / Stadium Security:

An important application area of ​​our automatic face recognition systems is the automatic face recognition application that tracks the sought persons. With this software, it instantly compares the faces of the searched persons registered in the database with the video images of the security cameras and automatically alarms the security units. For this purpose, our system is used for stadiums and so on. It queries the database by automatically detecting the human faces in the images captured by the security cameras placed at the entrance points of the buildings or at the points where they can see large areas with wide angle lenses. If the captured similarity is above the specified limit, these faces are presented to the attention of the security unit on the security camera monitor to be compared with live images. The final decision belongs to the operator. In addition, every event that occurs in our systems is recorded and archived together with time and camera location information.


- It offers the ability to automatically capture and follow human faces from video images.

- It offers the opportunity to capture and follow more than one face at the same time in crowded areas.

- It is easy to integrate with camera security systems.

- Supports IQEye3® type cameras with integrated face grabber.

- It has the feature of displaying on camera monitors as soon as the wanted person is found.

- Allows the operator to limit the number of searches that look like the person in the image and define / adjust the percentage of similarity. With the scanner, people can register from the photograph to the system.

- It can record people to the system from old video images.

- Person can be registered to the system from the video image being recorded.

- Person can be registered to the system from the photo data banks on the computer.

Personnel Tracking Automation: FaceVACS-Entry personnel tracking automation entry-exit security personnel tracking automation system is an application that strengthens the ordinary security systems currently in use with face recognition technology and minimizes abuse.

As it is known, various abuses may occur in existing systems from time to time, and security units have difficulties in controlling these abuses. At an entry-exit point where face recognition system is integrated, problems such as logging in with someone else's ID or not having an ID scan while logging in will not be experienced. An application that uses face recognition detects the identity of the person and the face, which is an integral part of it, from the database as a whole and alerts the security units in case of the passage of different people with different identities.

In applications where the system is also configured to capture all faces in a certain area, even the passage of persons without a card does not create any security problems, because the system interrogates all faces entering through a certain door from the database in less than a second and alerts the security units when necessary. At the same time, all entries and exits that occur can be recorded retrospectively and perfectly documented.


- It is an excellent tool that provides real-time alerts in the fight against counterfeiting.

- Uses proven and superior FaceVACS® technology.

- It is an effective system with a processing time of less than a second.

- Easy to integrate with existing access control and personnel tracking systems and software.

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