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Ana Sayfa: Hoş Geldiniz
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Special solutions for electronic security, accessibility and occupational safety risks are international  high standard products of brands,  We offer platinum technology with a quarter of a century of experience and expertise. 


It is not possible to monitor the cameras with the human eye and to interpret the images instantly. Because of all these needs, Platin Teknoloji  interpreting the images taken from the cameras  image – event analysis software_cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d


Fires in the environments where people live and work pose risks in terms of life safety and their gains with serious efforts. The fire detection system allows instant  control against the risk of fire of all points belonging to the area to be protected.

geçiş kontrol

It is used in factories, holdings, public institutions, banks, etc. where people work intensively, to control the entrance and exit of people, to limit the rooms they will use in the building, to monitor and report the movements of the users.


Individuals  disability status  regardless of help  all Electronic accessibility solutions required for them to participate in social life without needing help.

iş güvenliği

For businesses , our electronic solutions on occupational health and safety can be found here   You can reach special solutions for your OHS risks from Platin Technology Experts.

sesli ışıklı yönlendirme

For accessibility applications  emergency exit routing luminaires with sound and light .

Domestic production with 6 different products and solutions 

duman tableti

Quickly  necessary  has a structure that will allow the formation of dense smoke. . With the dense smoke obtained from the smoke tablet, tightness and device performance tests can be done easily. .

Ana Sayfa: Ürünler

Platinum Technology's founders  With its experience of more than a quarter of a century in the electronic security sector,  throughout Turkey; From industrial facilities to mines, from energy plants to banks, from holdings to plazas, from shopping centers  From chain stores to plazas  public housing,  From hotels to congress and fairgrounds, from marinas  Established in order to ensure that the electronic security systems of many sectors, institutions and organizations from airports, public institutions to municipalities, in accordance with world standards and technical services are provided, the systems work smoothly for many years and to support sectoral development.

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