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yangın algılama sistemleri
akıllı kamera

It is not possible to watch the cameras with the human eye and to interpret the images instantly. Due to all these needs, image - event analysis software that interprets the images taken from Platin Technology cameras have been developed.

geçiş kontrol sistemleri

It is used to control the entrance and exit of people in factories, holdings, public institutions, banks etc. where people work intensively, to limit the rooms they can use in the building, to monitor and report the movements of the users.

engelsiz yaşam çözümleri

Regardless of the disability status of individuals, they can reach all electronic accessibility solutions that need to be taken in order to participate in social life without needing help. You can get support from Platin Technology experts.

işçi sağlığı ve güvenliği

For businesses, you can find our electronic solutions for occupational health and business safety here. You can find solutions specific to your OHS risks from Platin Technology Experts.

sigara dumanı algılama ve alarm
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