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Platinum Technology Innovations

With a quarter of a century of experience, we offer solutions throughout Turkey with the world's leading brands for sectoral risks and security problems specific to projects.

termal kamera

You can reach our article on thermal camera applications in early fire detection solutions on www.insaatteümrü magazine, January - February 2021 issue, Pages 110-111.

akıllı direk

We produce environmentally friendly solutions for local governments. Thanks to solar solutions, it is time to switch to smart poles from the classical poles where the lighting is provided in the streets and advertising postings are hung on some central areas.
We offer solutions without requiring mains voltage.
So what is there in the smart pole;
Solar Led Armature LIGHTING for the main task of lighting
Wi-Fi INTERNET to provide internet connection around
Next generation smart cameras for security. Traffic analysis according to pole position, Social incident, Face recognition, Panic analysis, Perimeter security, Speed violation, Lane violation, Pedestrian protection etc. CAMERA
Environmental data analysis with environmental data analysis software with temperature, rain, wind, air quality sensors. ENVIRONMENT
Intelligent direct emergency security point SECURITY to quickly access security forces in case of possible emergency with panic button
Voice and video conversation with security forces in case of emergency with intercom. COMMUNICATION
In addition to generating revenue for municipalities, the body of the pole and the advertising areas on it will also provide public announcements to be shared effectively and instantly. ADVERTISEMENT
With the environmentally friendly energy obtained from the solar panel, the charging station of the disabled vehicles, electric bicycles, scoters, etc. ENVIRONMENTAL ENERGY
Charging station for mobile devices such as phones, tablets, etc. EMERGENCY
It creates high comfort areas on streets, streets, parks, gardens and beaches with new generation smart, environmentally friendly and safe municipal applications.

lineer sıcaklık dedektörü kablo tipi

Fire Detection Solutions with Linear Heat Detectors

Although the smoke and heat emerging at the first occurrence of the fire are detected most effectively with the point type fire detection detectors, there are operational risks such as faulty alarm, late detection, rapid contamination, dust collection in the detector cell due to the conditions of industrial areas.

You can access our article on linear heat detection in Industrial Facilities from www.insaatteümrü magazine, September, October 2020 issue.

çatı yazılım ile  güvenlik sistemi  entegrasyonu

Integration of Fire Detection and Alarm Systems with Other Systems

Operation, control, integrated operation of various other systems established for fire detection, extinguishing and evacuation in buildings and preventing risks by controlling from a single point; It is necessary for the systems to work properly and in harmony with their duties at the time of detection of a possible fire. The management and control platform where all these systems will be integrated are fire detection or central automation systems. Thanks to this integration, effective fire response, rapid evacuation and keeping the systems under control from a single center provide fast and effective intervention to possible failures.

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