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Smoke Test Tablet

duman tableti

Smoke tablet offered as a solution for ventilation installation, chimney, sealing, odor test and smoke evacuation equipment testing that require artificial smoke in the environment. It has a structure that will provide the necessary intense smoke quickly. . With the intense smoke obtained, impermeability and device performance tests can be performed easily. .

Smoke Tablet / Cartridge / Generator: It defines the test apparatus produced for chimney draft test, which emits smoke without creating flame and soot when burned.

Smoke Tablets

45 second smoke tablet (Available in Stocks)

10 cartridges / box Smoke Color: white weight approx: 3 g / cartridge Size approx: 32 x Ø 14 mm Smoke Volume approx: 2,5 m³ Burning time approx: 45 sec. Compliant to BS 5440-1, Ds 675, Test Method ISO 5659-2. Use for testing: Smoke Alarms, Air Filters, Hoods, Air Balancing, Fans, Photography, Special Effects and much more. Not used in sensitive environments, contains large amounts of chloride

90 second smoke tablet (Special order) Allows to produce smoke in use

150 second smoke tablet (Special order) Allows to produce smoke in use

240 second smoke tablet (Special order) Allows to produce smoke in use

300 second smoke tablet (Special order) Allows to produce smoke in use

Smoke Cartridges features

  1. Cartridges made of environmentally friendly plastic.

  2. Moisture-sealed smoke pellets.

  3. Reinforced base for minimal heat transfer.

  4. There are only smoke pellets made of high-content chemicals.

  5. It is guaranteed for 3 years from the date of delivery.

  6. Contains no zinc, rubber powder or mothballs.

  7. More than 250 security tests have been carried out.

  8. There is a warranty mark on the bottom.

  9. Comes in a consumer pack or large pack.

Fume Tablet Usage Areas

  1. Energy Saving insulation test

  2. Ventilation Channel Test

  3. Draft Test

  4. Leak detection

  5. Security tests

  6. Negative Pressure Chambers

  7. Positive Pressure Rooms

  8. Fume Hoods

  9. Exhaust fans

  10. Stage and Screen Effects

  11. Photo Effects

  12. Air Balancing test

  13. Filtration Test

  14. Dust Removal Systems

  15. Fire and Smoke Alarm Test

  16. Poultry and Livestock

  17. Education

  18. Heat Exchangers

  19. Tanks and Piping

  20. Kitchen Hoods

  21. Electronic Air Filters

  22. Asbestos Reduction

  23. Radon Reduction

  24. Mechanical system risk management.

  25. Waste Treatment Systems

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