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Perimeter Security Solutions with Radar


Thanks to the developing technology and smart cameras in all areas such as military facilities, industrial areas, ports, customs areas etc. where environmental security is at the forefront, it is possible to ensure environmental security by using only IP camera system.

There are 2 issues that we encounter in perimeter security systems created with smart cameras.

1. Equipping the entire field with a network system.

2. Camera deployment to the entire field at 50 - 100 meters intervals

After all these investments, your environmental safety will be ensured.

If the fog does not settle and it does not snow, you are safe. Well, do not malicious people follow the weaknesses of the systems !!

The solution is the radars that can work in all environmental conditions and can be integrated with a camera that can distinguish animals, people and vehicles at an angle of up to 120.

While providing security with radar, you can also integrate it into the camera system.

In this way, you can reach uninterrupted security solutions in a wider area under all weather conditions with fewer cameras.

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