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People Counting Systems

Has there been fewer visitors, or has there been a decrease in the number of customers with no noticeable change in the number of visitors? Here is the answer to this critical question,

Financial metrics alone cannot really help retailers measure store performance. You can observe that sales have dropped compared to the previous month or Year, but are you using data that helps you comment on why it went down? Did the store have fewer visitors, or did the number of customers decrease with no noticeable change in the number of visitors? The answer to this critical question is the most important factor that enables retailers to effectively analyze their sales figures, evaluate opportunities and ultimately increase their sales figures.

By measuring the human traffic entering and leaving your store with the people counting software via Platin Technology Camera,

- Analyze your store performances !!

- How useful is advertising work?

- How accurate are the store opening hours?

- Is staff distribution optimized?

- What is the Conversion Rate of the store?

Allows you to find answers to your questions !!

Unfortunately, the most basic metric of the retail industry is either not used at all or used incorrectly. If the managers do not monitor and analyze the store traffic, how do they manage their stores?

Hundreds of people visit a store every day. While some of these visitors successfully become customers, hundreds of them leave the store without shopping. The ratio of the number of visitors converting to customers to the total number of visitors gives the conversion rate for a store. This ratio is the most basic metric of the retail industry.





You can observe the effects of store and window designs, visual marketing and innovations, promotions, campaigns and discounts on the number of visitors.


While advertising and store organization are used to attract and influence customers, measuring human traffic is also used to measure how these organizations are delivering. Normally it is a success for a company to increase its sales by 7%, but there is one more point to be analyzed. If the traffic of this store has increased by 30%, it is observed that the sales potential of the store is fully utilized. By measuring human traffic, you find a relationship based on concrete data between sales and number of visitors, and accordingly, you optimize your advertising and promotion expenses.


A detailed analysis of human traffic allows you to compare store and non-store variables in different locations. It allows you to get comprehensive information about your staff at each store. In this way, you can easily compare the store performances with each other and make more fair and conscious evaluations about the personnel. For example, if there is a decrease in the sales figures of a store and the conversion rate is stable, it means that the reason for the decrease in sales figures is out of store factors rather than personnel performance.

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