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Thermal Camera And Special Software Solutions

It can work in all environmental conditions and works integrated with your existing CCTV camera system !! It provides an image like a daytime security camera, when the light intensity drops, the thermal sensor is activated and continues to serve as a thermal CCTV camera. It is a closed circuit camera system that can be easily hidden, monitored and usable compared to conventional thermal cameras. It is completely suitable for outdoor conditions.

We offer effective security solutions with thermal cameras that function in absolute darkness. You can detect motion from the obtained image and analyze environmental risks. Fixed objects such as tree fences etc., environmental effects such as rain and snow in the environment certainly do not generate false alarms.

termal cctv kamera
termal kamera ile vücud  ısısı  ölçümü

Thermal Camera Body Temperature Measurement

In the detection of certain infectious diseases, it is important for the initial diagnosis to increase body temperatures. Considering that this disease is an infectious disease, in offices, factories and industrial facilities where people work together; at airports, bus stations, metro-metrobus stations where people travel collectively; In educational institutions and campuses. It can be ensured that the body temperature of all people who do not come into contact with the crowds are measured by the security control point located at the first entrance of the area or the thermal cameras to be positioned in the turnstile areas and that people who show signs of risk temperature are not taken into the facility. In this way, the rapid spread of infectious diseases will be prevented.

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