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köy ilçe il kameradan canlı izle ve yayınla

IP Camera Web Live broadcast

If you want to monitor your IP based cameras that you use in your security system from your website. Solution is in Platinum technology.

We enable you to broadcast your brand and model independent IP cameras without the need for an additional codec, player, password, etc., and watch them from any browser and desktop and mobile devices.

You can provide the promotion of your hotel from your website by broadcasting live on your ip cameras.

You can broadcast sports matches live.

Conversation, conference. You can broadcast training activities etc. live from your website using your existing IP cameras.

You can increase your service quality and expand your customer portfolio by broadcasting the event of your hotel in the ballroom live.

You can let your guests watch the playground in your business from your website.

You can broadcast concerts, shows, etc. live using your existing IP cameras.

You can broadcast the regions for tourism purposes from provinces, districts, villages and plateaus on your website and contribute to their promotion.

You can broadcast IP camera images in common areas of your site over the web.

City Cameras

Village Cameras

Town Cameras
Traffic Cameras
Airport Cameras
School Cameras
On-Site Cameras
Pool Cameras
Beach Cameras
Square Cameras

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