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otomatik sesli uyarı
otomatik sesli uyarı ve konuşma

Automatic Voice Light Alert and Speaking

Event analysis can be performed more efficiently and with high accuracy with new generation IP cameras and software integrated with them. Especially in perimeter security applications, cameras can monitor border-area violations with existing fence and virtual fence applications.

The camera saw the entrance to the area, the software detected a violation. So how should be intervened?

Especially in the protected areas, it is not possible to reach the suspects after their inward or outward movements during the physical intervention to the area where the violation took place.

Given that the primary purpose of security systems is to deter. The scenario should be as follows.

The camera saw the entrance to the area,

The software has detected a violation.

The camera has activated a voice announcement and light warning module in its area.

'' You are in the forbidden zone, leave this place immediately ''

made the announcement.

The suspect quickly left the area, the announcement was automatically silenced,

The suspect does not leave the area, the activity is increased by making a connection to the device in the field with CCTV software and making live announcements. Security will be ensured.


Different automatic voice announcements according to the scenario

Manual / live voice announcements

Compatible with cameras with brand-independent 8 Ohm speaker connection

Does not require additional cabling infrastructure / amplifier etc.

It is not affected by power cuts.

Suitable for outdoor conditions

Active protection support with illuminated additional warnings

You can get support from Platin Technology experts for sound and light warning solutions that can be integrated with the existing IP Camera system and software specific to your Perimeter Security Project.

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