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çatı yazılım ile entegrasyon

Security Automation and Integration Software

CCTV system, Fire detection and notification system, Security automation, Building management, Access Control system and all weak current systems

central rooftop software solutions that provide integration.

The CCTV system is a closed circuit camera system to be installed for event monitoring in the facility. The entire system consists of IP based devices.

We provide CCTV System, card access system and fire detection, security automation, building management system and software based fully integrated. In this way, it can be provided to work integrated with the scenario between systems.

Example: Fire scenario:

Possible alarms in the fire detection system, how will other systems work?

The camera system shows the detected floor.

Access control system opens doors for rapid evacuation.

The building automation system starts the evacuation scenario for the control of smoke.

The elevator system comes to the ground floor and is allocated to the fire brigade use.

The security system activates the sensors in risky areas.

Turnstiles allow free passage in the exit direction for rapid evacuation.

Sample Security scenario:

By making the image visible on the operator screen with audible warning in the fire alarm information formed at the point where the camera is located, operations can be carried out quickly and safely.

In the access control system, the operation can be accelerated by making the relevant point of the camera in the area prominent on the operator's screen with an audible warning.

In security automation, making the camera facing the area of ​​the door open for a long time visible on the operator's screen, and automatically forwarding the event to the relevant managers by mail.

Integration can be made for many events with scenarios specific to the structure and risks of the building.

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