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inşaat ve etkinlik kamerası

Construction and Event Cameras

It offers solutions with short films, timelapse display of the movements in construction, event, concert and fairgrounds, event cameras that enable the development of the building to be created as a short film in construction operations.

Time-lapse video recording

combines video recording with video surveillance applications

Fast timelapse video images of the applications in the project and construction process in the construction sector can be created in the fair, rally, concert and event areas.

How does it work

Time lapse app is designed to save still images captured at fixed intervals and then combined to create a time-lapse movie of a specific event or event.

Configuration and management

It is designed to be operator friendly, while systems reporting provides you with a dashboard view of time interval settings with corresponding camera stills. You can configure the capture according to the application you want to record from seconds to hours.

Day / Night Mode

Choose to record during the day, night or both. The start and end times of a day can be configured according to your needs.

Implementing a program

There is also the option to add a custom schedule to extend the day / night mode even further for certain events such as sunrise / sunset only.

Multiple storage options

The camera can send images to an FTP location or save them to the local SD card for later retrieval.

Configurable file name

The filename prefix is ​​configurable, along with the option to enumerate the filename sequentially or sort by time and date.

Transferring images

Exports images saved on the SD card to create your own time-lapse video using tools such as Adobe Lightroom.

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