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Plate Recognition and Analysis Software

Your system, which enables license plate recognition and recording from the camera image, has been developed to ensure safe vehicle circulation and record license plates.

It will be the ideal solution for Airports, Military facilities, Factories, Shopping centers, Highways, sites, campuses where vehicles need to be kept under control.

The system supports many brands of IP-Based HD video cameras.

You can create Subscriber, Registration - stolen vehicle, black list with license plate recognition system at parking lot entrances.

You can operate it integrated with barrier, road blocker, automatic shutter etc. systems.

Stores JPEG images remotely via FTP on a server with the JPEG file name containing the plate, date and time.

You can create alarm scenarios

It can work with 1.3, 2 and 3 megapixel high resolution video surveillance cameras selected according to the situation of the field.

It will provide high performance 24/7 and in all seasonal conditions.

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