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olay analizli kamera

Image and Event Analysis Software

Due to the increase in the need for camera systems and the large volumes of the spaces used, it is necessary to use large numbers of cameras in projects.

It will not always be possible to view the cameras with the human eye and to interpret the images. Due to these needs, we provide solutions with image-event analysis software that interpret the images and enable the previously determined scenarios to work.

In the Image - Event Analysis software algorithms, images are viewed simultaneously and live, and the software also interprets events and runs scenarios. The software works 24/7 365 days in all environmental conditions. It does not need additional human power and concentration.

Usage Areas of Image Analysis Software:

Transportation and Logistics Areas: Monitoring potential threats and monitoring of vehicle and vehicle traffic inside and outside the facility, uncontrolled entry to risky areas, roaming inside the building, incoming attacks by overcoming barriers inside the building, uncontrolled objects, rule direction and environmental violations by monitoring security measures and Helps reduce on-site accidents.

Urban Light Rail Networks: Thanks to advanced analytical modules such as social events, suspicious movements, uncontrolled objects, preventing access to uncontrolled forbidden areas at stations used extensively by all such risky society, it will help to operate safely and provide better protection to public service organizations. Especially those who prefer such places will reduce and control the vandalism incidents.

Safe City Surveillance: Detection of traffic obstructing movements, direction violations, lane violations, rule violations, sudden crowds and chaos, suspicious vehicles, helps you to identify unattended objects faster.

Campus Environments: Making the circulation inside the campus more secure helps you identify possible threats, sudden crowds and chaos, suspicious vehicles, and identify unattended objects faster.

Energy and Utilities: Monitoring potential threats and tracking vehicle and vehicle traffic inside and outside the facility, Uncontrolled entry to risky areas, Circumventing inside the building, Incoming attacks by overcoming the barriers inside the building, uncontrolled objects, rule direction and environmental violations by monitoring security measures and facility Helps reduce internal accidents and emergency management.

Retail industry: It helps to observe traffic in areas where high-value products are sold, to monitor products, to monitor violations in sensitive areas and to detect forgotten bags, etc., obstacles to occur in case of fire and emergency exits.

Finance: The software prepared to manage security in the finance branch completely automates the cameras. Risk zone breach, Confusion, Threat, Bag forget-drop etc. risks are minimized.

Events with Detection

Reverse direction: The vehicle going in the opposite direction, the pedestrian jumping on the road can be easily detected through the software.

Confusion, Chaos Intensity Detection: It is used to detect sudden density, chaos, chaos, etc. events in any area at railway stations, bus stations, airports, exhibition and fairgrounds, concert event areas, shopping malls, ticket sales points. It will be possible to prevent an undesirable situation with the determination and measures to be taken in time.


Intrusion Detection: Although similar to the motion detection feature, this feature can be used to detect the use of unauthorized areas. This feature is in a structure that can be used easily for the safety of corridors, fire evacuation routes and technical spaces that are not normally used. This feature can be used in escalators for direction violations at entry points.

Suspect Bag and Vehicle Tracking: This feature, which is used to generate an alarm when an object (such as a suitcase at an airport or train station) is abandoned in a busy corridor, is an important feature in the timely detection and management of dangerous situations. This functionality can also be used to detect suspicious incorrect parking or to detect if people or vehicles in certain areas stay for too long.

On-camera analysis software is produced for hundreds of different scenarios according to the needs of the institutions. You can get support from Platin Technology experts for solutions specific to your project.

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