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Digitex Community Emergency and Disaster Warning System

digitex acil durum afet uyarı.jpg

Digitex brand offers integrated disaster management, emergency sound and warning siren systems. Comprehensive solutions can be offered with sirens that communicate with IP-based and alternative sources. Primary digitex products are warning systems for mass notification with graphical interfaces for sirens control (digital map) and high power DSE Electronic Sirens.

Besides standard offerings, Platan also designs and manufactures special devices. Main users of Digitex systems are: Civil Defense, Fire Services, Medical Rescue Teams, Army and other rescue services, industrial facilities and the commercial sector. On the Platin Technology side, with Digitex products sold in Turkey and the Turkish Republics, it offers sound and siren systemic warning solutions in accordance with the emergency and disaster management scenarios of all major cities, regardless of size. For detailed information, you can reach Platinum Technology Experts.

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