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Disaster, Social Warning Announcement and Siren Solutions

We offer central solutions where possible natural disasters, war situations, terrorist attacks, problems specific to megacities, etc., where the public can be alerted quickly, risk management, sirens and warnings can be delivered centrally.
Announcements and sirens to be made can be controlled independently by the scenario to be prepared and the central disaster control unit.
Our systems are in a structure that allows it to be controlled from a single center from a small town with 10,000 people to megacities with 20,000,000 people and to the whole country.
Our solution partner digitexCZK / IP® system was created based on the latest technologies according to the original design of the PLATAN construction team. This system is one of the first manufacturers to use analog as well as digital radio communications in DMR (TDMA) and NXDN (FDMA) standards, as well as local area and wide area networks (LAN, WAN) and encrypted IP for data transmission.
In digitexCZK / IP® system, the use of IP for data and voice transmission makes it possible to easily create and develop the system and existing analog warning systems,
eg. It provides integration with digitexCZK / FSK, DSP-50, RSSS 2000/3000, MDSA-24.
Implementing a new Digital Human Alert System does not require changing the old one. The existing system can be integrated with digitexCZK / IP®. In case of integration, all sirens, including both new and existing ones (analog), working in the digital standard, are operated from the same distributor desk. Thanks to the use of the computer network and the IP protocol, the operation of the system can be kept at various access levels.
digitexCZK / IP® consists of system nodes whose structure is likely to be the same as the hierarchical one existing in Europe. In this case, regional, provincial and district options may be preferred.
Each splitter desk in digitexCZK / IP® system is equipped with a PC with digitexCZK / IP® software. The software contains a map of a zone in which all alarm points operating in the system are marked. A distributor can control and test both electronic and electromechanical systems from the map level. In addition, from the digitexCZK / IP® system, it can receive information on the following topics: communication or lack of communication with sirens, supply (main / backup), performing a specific task (activating the alarm, testing), battery level, audio route efficiency, and others. The digitexCZK / IP® system is simple and convenient to use, and all operations are done remotely from the distributor's desk.
A part inherent in the digitexCZK / IP® system is the DSE series modern Electronic Sirens. Apart from sound signals, they allow voice messages to be sent live remotely from the management desk or locally with a microphone. Also, DSE sirens can emit any audio announcements (wav or mp3 files) stored in memory.
Inside the digitexCZK / IP® system, it is possible to connect measuring transducers and / or actuators (e.g. meteorology stations, gas detectors, contamination detectors, water level indicators, doors, control screens, light signals or combustion gas discharge system, etc.).

Toplumsal Uyarı Anons ve Siren Çözümleri

Advantages of Disaster, Social Warning Announcement and Siren Solutions

· Transmission using public or non-public IP networks.
· Transmission using digital radio-telephones (providing but not limited to channel capacity, data accuracy, wide broadcast range).
· Higher data security: encoding of data in the digitexCZK / IP® system, eg. It is the same coding used in SSL transmissions in banking systems. System architecture with a server at the central point it connects to. There may be several equivalent distributor stations operating within the system and several miscellaneous priority and authorization stations.
· Ability to create multi-level systems (no restrictions on the type of floor, region - province - district).
· All system configuration data are saved in SQL database on the system server.
Low service costs.
Convenient operation using an updated program with a map, systematically updating the status of the sirens, all tests of the audible siren route from the database (sound generator, amplifier, conductor, converter) - automatic complete test at a certain time.
Systematic reading of data from a siren (door status, power source, battery voltage).
· Ability to update siren sounds and software remotely.
Compatibility with other manufacturers' sirens and systems.
· Increased running speed and system testing.
Facility stations and distribution stations
· Information about sirens (eg parameters, place and date of installation, responsible party, comments, picture, etc.).
· High system scalability. The ability to create both straight hierarchies and vertical structures.
· Possibility to connect measuring transducers and / or actuators (eg meteorology stations, gas detectors, contamination detectors, etc.).
Collection and display of measurement data.

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