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Ziton Fire Detection , Warning  ve Alarm Systems

ziton yangın paneli

Ziton Fire Alarm Systems Features that Make a Difference;

• Simple and convenient front fire control  paneli and 

• Fast Ziton Fire detection system installation and configuration

• Automatic fire scenarios and  programming feature

• Ability to undo recent changes

• Offline programming of the fire panel and uploading the configuration file to the USB device

• Preferential cards and modules that can be easily integrated into the Ziton fire detection panel.

• Remote maintenance and fault detection of the fire alarm panel over TCP/IP

• In case of power cuts  yang panel  standby time up to 72 hours

• Graphical EN54 compliant LCD display with icon support

• Ziton-specific  language options that can be easily changed from the fire panel

• Surface / flush * / 19” rack* mounting

Superior performance Features from single control  panel applications to applications requiring small/medium network

Ziton fire detection and alarm systems, one of the leading brands of UTC Carrier Fire & Security; UTC Ziton is offered throughout Turkey with the widespread network of Platinum technology.

In addressable systems, there are optical, heat and combined fire detection detectors, input and output modules, alarm buttons, addressable sirens that can be connected to the loop lines to which the detection elements are connected. The number of the loop line and the wiring distance depend on the panel used. 127 addressable fire detection equipment can be connected to each loop line. Sensing elements in the loop can be divided into software regions, and each sensing element can be individually perceived by the panel thanks to the addressing software it contains. In other words, when any detector detects, the location of the detector can be determined individually on the panel or on the pc where the projects of the building, which can be used optionally, are loaded. Conventional systems and addressable systems are selected and sized according to their application locations.

Ziton, Kilsen, Aritech Series from UTC Carrier fire detection brands, Turkey-wide system solutions of high-tech equipment are provided by Platin Technology and distributors, engineers and technical teams with more than 20 years of project design and application experience in the sector.

Fire Alarm Systems Distinctive Features ziton

Simple and convenient front panel control

Fast system setup and configuration

Increased automatic programming feature

• Undo last changes feature

Offline programming and ability to upload configuration file to USB device

Easily configurable preferred cards and modules

Remote maintenance and error detection over TCP / IP

Up to 72 hours of standby time

Graphical EN54 compliant icon supported LCD display

Easy to change language options

Surface / flush * / 19 ”rack * mounting

Superior performance from single panel applications to applications requiring small / medium sized networks

Advantages of Ziton series addressable systems

1- In Interactive Addressable systems, clear information of the place where the alarm, malfunction etc. information comes from can be reached. In conventional systems, region (floor) information comes. The net location of the detector must be checked for the region.

2- In addressable systems, alarm, error, loss, malfunction and calibration information of the detectors are displayed on the panel as a point.

3- In addressable systems, 127 equipment can be operated on each cable line. In conventional systems, this number is limited to 20-25 detectors.

4- In addressable systems, in the problem of the wiring line, the system provides access to information about the location of the continuing problem. In conventional systems, the part after the line is completely disabled.

5- Equipments such as input module, output module, siren module etc. from addressed systems can operate over the loop line. In conventional systems, general alarm and error information can be received from the panel.

6- In addressable systems, wide range of alarm scenarios that will be activated in case of fire can be applied.

In summary, it offers solutions in large and medium-scale projects with low infrastructure, operating and initial investment costs thanks to its modular structure and technology.

Ziton ZP3 Series Network Control Panels

ZP3 control panels have 1, 2 and 4 loop capacity ZP3 series fire alarm panels that can be networked with each other, each supporting 127 x XX addressable devices. Ziton ZP3 fire alarm panels are compatible with both ZX series algorithm based, interactive and ZP series analog addressable field elements. These panels also have interfaces to fulfill the necessary network communication for medium and large-scale systems, fiber-optic and IP-based communication facilities. Repeater panels compatible with ZP3 control panels, computerized graphic monitoring software and interfaces used for integration with automation systems are also available as optional. Additional input / output circuits can be created with the cards that can be added to the panels, and panel type printers can be connected.

Ziton MODULA Stand-Alone Control Panels

MODULA series control panels have a structure that can be expanded modularly, starting from 1 loop to 8 loops, up to 1016 address capacity in total. It also supports conventional sensing circuits up to 48 zones. It is compatible with analog addressable field elements called ZP series. With its large LCD screen, alarm zone LEDs and easy programming alternatives, it fully meets all fire detection needs of medium and small scale applications.

Multi-Sensor Algorithm Based, Interactive Fire Detectors

ZX 832 algorithm-based, interactive fire detectors use their microprocessor and algorithms to generate alarm decisions depending on the smoke and temperature level coming from their sensors. ZX832 Detectors do not need to send any analog value to the panel and evaluate it there by generating the alarm decision completely in-house. Thanks to the algorithms used, false alarms are prevented and possible real alarms can be detected faster.

Single and Multi Sensor Ziton Analog Addressable Fire Detectors

ZP3 and MODULA are compatible with Ziton control panels, optical smoke and ionization smoke detectors, as well as multi-sensor detectors combined with optical smoke and temperature sensors, and point temperature detectors that can be programmed as both constant temperature and temperature rise rate. The analog values ​​measured by the detectors are continuously sent to the control panel through the detection lines, and alarm and failure situations are decided by the algorithms installed in the control panels.

Addressable Ziton Input, Output and Control Modules

Addressing conventional type detectors and buttons, monitoring modules for monitoring the alarm and fault signals of smoke control devices such as fans and dampers, sprinkler systems, as well as audible / illuminated alarm devices, audible evacuation systems, smoke control devices and other building control systems to the specified fire scenarios Output modules and short circuit isolator modules required for proper activation are included in the analog addressable product group. Ziton modules are specially designed for in-panel rail mounting, providing ease of installation and assembly with their small dimensions.

Ziton Addressable Audio / Light Warning Devices

Addressable sound / light alarm devices are compatible with the addressable loop lines of the ZP3 and MODULA control panels. 124 of these addressable devices, which are capable of producing high sounds despite their low current consumption, can be connected to the same loop line together with detectors and modules and they can perform sufficient warning operations. One of the most important features of these devices is that they can be activated individually and they do not require additional cables for feeding. Addressable warning devices can also perform self-test procedures on their own, thanks to the test microphone inside.

Intrinsically Safe Ziton Detector, Button and Modules

One of the preferred methods for safe fire detection in industrial environments with flammable and explosive materials is applications using Intrinsically Safe (IS) devices. ZP3 and MODULA series panels offer a complete range of interfaces that can be connected to addressable loop lines, galvanic barrier, intrinsically safe single and multi-sensor detectors, button and input modules. Intrinsically safe barriers, detectors and audible / light warning devices have ATEX certificate for ia class explosive atmospheres.

Our Ziton Fire Detection and Alarm Product range

ZP3 serisi panelleri bir süredir seri üretimi sonlandırıldığı için mevcut projelerde yedek parça şeklinde tedarik edilmektedir. 

Ziton ZP2 Serisi Adreslenebilir Yangın Alarm Kontrol Panelleri

ZP2-F1-19 Analog Adreslenebilir Yangın Alarm Kontrol Paneli - 1 Loop, 127 Adres Kapasitesi, Grafik LCD Ekran, 2 Programlanabilir Sesli Alarm Çıkışı, Güç Kaynağı ve Akü Şarj Ünitesi ile birlikte - Büyük Kabin, Türkçe Menü

ZP2-F1-S-19 Analog Adreslenebilir Yangın Alarm Kontrol Paneli - 1 Loop, 127 Adres Kapasitesi, Grafik LCD Ekran, 2 Programlanabilir Sesli Alarm Çıkışı, Güç Kaynağı ve Akü Şarj Ünitesi ile birlikte- Küçük Kabin, Türkçe Menü

ZP2-F2-19 Analog Adreslenebilir Yangın Alarm Kontrol Paneli - 2 Loop, 254 Adres Kapasitesi, Grafik LCD Ekran, 2 Programlanabilir Sesli Alarm Çıkışı, Güç Kaynağı ve Akü Şarj Ünitesi ile birlikte - Büyük Kabin, Türkçe Menü

ZP2-F4-19 Analog Adreslenebilir Yangın Alarm Kontrol Paneli - 4loop , 508 Adres Kapasitesi, Grafik LCD Ekran, 2 Programlanabilir Sesli Alarm Çıkışı, Güç Kaynağı ve Akü Şarj Ünitesi ile birlikte - Büyük Kabin, Türkçe Menü

Ziton ZP Serisi Kontrol Panelleri için Giriş/Çıkış Opsiyon Kartları

2010-2-NB ZP2 Analog Adreslenebilir Yangın Alarm Panelleri için Network Kartı

ZP2-LB ZP2-F2-S için Genişletme Kartı, 2 Loop, 254 Adres Kapasitesi, 4 Programlanabilir Sesli Alarm Çıkışı

ZP2-ZI-20 ZP2 Paneller için Zone LED Göstergesi - 20 zon için

ZP2-ZI-24 ZP2-S Paneller için Zone LED Göstergesi - 24 zon için

ZP2-ZI-40 ZP2 Paneller için Zone LED Göstergesi - 40 zon için

2010-2-232-KIT ZP2 Panelleri için RS232 Kit ( Yazıcı Bağlantısı için Kullanılmaktadır.)

Ziton ZP2 Serisi Kontrol Panelleri için Grafik İzleme Yazılımı ve Lisanslar

ATS8600 Grafik İzleme ve Kontrol Yazılımı, Başlangıç Paketi: maksimum 2 cihaz için

ATS8605 Genişletme Lisansı (ATS8600 için)

ATS8610 Grafik İzleme ve Kontrol Yazılımı, Business Paketi: maksimum 25 cihaz için

ATS8640 Genişletme Lisansı (ATS8645 Eklenebilmesi için)

ATS8645 İlave Yazılım (ilave edilecek ZP2 Panel Sayısı Kadar Kullanılmalıdır.)

2010-2-PAK-900 ZP2 Paneller için Apollo Driver

2010-2-PAK-NET128 Ziton Network Genişletme Lisansı - 32 nodes / 128 loops

2010-2-PAK-NET256 Ziton Network Genişletme Lisansı - 64 nodes / 256 loops

2010-2-PAK-RMBN ZP2 Panelleri için Haberleşme Arabirim Lisansı - BACnet IP

2010-2-PAK-RMMB ZP2 Panelleri için Haberleşme Arabirim Lisansı - Modbus IP

2010-2-PAK-RMSDK Adreslenebilir Yangın Panel Aksesuarı, Uzak Kontrol ve IP üzerinden SDK Paylaşımı

Tüm Türkiye Geneli UTC Ziton Yangın Algılama ve Alarm Panelleri Platin Teknoloji'de .

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