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X-RAY Package Bag Controller

In many businesses from public institutions to commercial enterprises, it enables visitors to examine the bags, luggage, etc. items with them in a short time without physical intervention and to detect risky situations without damaging the business circulation.

They are the Products that allow the operator to obtain sufficient information about the content and to determine the shape and type of the content by applying x-rays at a rate that will not harm human health and the environment from the moment the items are placed on the band of the device and move.

In case of detection of previously defined target substances and objects, the devices enable the intervention to be carried out quickly by operating the necessary scenarios without leaving it to the initiative of the operator.

Example: X-ray device examination (You can contact our Platin Technology engineering department to determine the most suitable product for your company in Turkey.)

- HI-SCAN 6040-2is

- Key features

Compact structure

- 35mm steel penetration

Flexible design for easy installation

- Dual imaging technology

- Increased efficiency

- Operator friendly interface

- Standard and high definition available

HI-SCAN 6040 scans bags and personal belongings to protect community and business interests. It is an X-ray inspection system that provides an advanced double view for automatic explosive detection at detection points. It is reliable for automatic detection of explosives, high quality double view images use proven Heimann X-ray technology to create objects. Thus, the detection of solid and liquid explosive substances can be made easily.

With the images provided by the X-ray system, it makes it easier to identify threats and dangerous or illegal objects on the operator screen. It offers a modern, ergonomic design that provides a user-friendly interface.

The compact HI-SCAN 6040 x-ray device has a suitable structure to provide a reliable and efficient operation in baggage searches. It is suitable for operations in very narrow areas as the space requirement is limited.

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