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Watermist Automatic Extinguishing Systems

Water fog systems, which provide serious advantages over water extinguishing systems, work on the principle of discharging water into the environment in the form of fog, which is the most valid method used for many years in the fight against watermist fire.

In conventional water extinguishing systems, water is given directly to the environment and a large amount of water must be discharged into the environment, and serious costs arise from the damage caused by water, apart from the damage caused by the fire at the end of the extinguishing process.

Water mist extinguishing systems require very little water compared to other water extinguishing systems. In the sprinkler system, it can create a protection surface of 1 m2 with 0.5 lt of water. In the water mist application, an area of ​​100m2 can be protected with 0.5 lt of water.

usage areas

All business areas



Flammable material tanks




In short, it can be used easily in all living spaces.

Platinum technology experts will provide special solutions for your water mist extinguishing system needs throughout Turkey.



It is economical as the extinguishing agent is water.
It does not harm the environment and the atmosphere.
There is no harm to human health.
It can be used in electrical fields.
It can be used to extinguish flammable and combustible materials.
The area to be deflated does not have to have physical boundaries
It is used indoors and outdoors.
Provides effective extinguishing due to its heat removal feature

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