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Disabled Toilet Rope Emergency Call Device

The emergency call apparatus in accessible toilets created for barrier-free living is specially designed and manufactured for the project and can be operated by pulling a rope, so that it can be reached from the toilet bowl or when falling on the ground. The emergency call apparatus consists of 2 parts.

1. rope button: hanging from the ceiling on both sides of the toilet, with an average height of 75 cm from the floor and a gap of 60-70 cm between them.

2. Emergency call rope: It is positioned on all walls of the toilet at a height of 30 cm to 50 cm from the floor.


The roped emergency call button and apparatus to be built on the walls of the toilet are intended to enable people who fall down while using the toilet due to illness or other reasons to reach them from any side of the toilet.

Who Should Respond to a Rope Call Button Alarm?

In case of a possible panic, the alarm will be activated by using the rope call. While environmental assistance can be provided with an active warning on the door, in businesses with 24/7 security service, it must be conveyed to the security guards with an audible and visual warning. The security guards will quickly coordinate the emergency response with the medical team.

How Should Rope Calls Be Used in Areas Where There Are No Health & Safety Officers?

It can be used in public areas to provide a warning with sound and light that can be heard outside the wet area and with a warning text indicating the nature of the alarm.

How Should the Rope Call Panic Button Be Used at Home? By integrating with an alarm system, effective use will be ensured by ensuring that alarm information is sent to the call center or household in the form of messages, etc. in case of a possible alarm.

Disabled Toilet Corded Emergency Panic Button and  Call Appliance 

Application Examples

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