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Turnstile Access Control Systems

Turnstile control systems are used to control the passages in places with heavy human traffic and at points and places where the passage should be made within a certain order. All turnstile access systems are microprocessor-based and allow only one person to pass at a time. Information can be transferred and received directly to the turnstiles via computer. Card readers, fingerprints, readers etc. mounted on the turnstiles. Thanks to them, they can work integrated with access control systems. Turnstiles have optional manual or automatic drop arm feature and illuminated and audible indicators. Turnstiles are of electromechanical structure and are mostly used to control entrances in places such as subways, stadiums, plazas, factories, etc. Turnstiles are produced to provide motion control in places where entry and exit are made. At the same time, they can be used wherever you want with their aesthetic appearance as they ensure that unwanted people are not allowed to pass because the passages are controlled. Some models of the turnstiles are equipped with pressure sensitive covers or infrared ray barrier detectors, and they send an alarm message to the access control system in cases of unauthorized and inconvenient passes from under or above the turnstile arm or by pressing on the turnstile.

Our turnstile types

- 3 arm turnstiles

- Full height turnstiles

- Fast access turnstiles

- Motorized Turnstiles

- Hygiene Turnstiles

- Disabled entrance doors

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