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Cigarette, Tobacco Smoke Detector

sigara dumanı sensörü

You can minimize your risks with our cigarette smoke detection solutions that control the workforce losses, health and fire risks caused by non-compliance with the tobacco use ban in businesses.


"Cigarette smoke detection detectors: Especially sensitive to tobacco and cigarette smoke.

Selectable sensitivity level on some models. They are manufactured to meet the needs of different institutions and organizations. From theaters to movie theaters, from hotels to fairgrounds, from factories to industrial facilities, from textile workshops to chemical areas, preventing smoking and detecting cigarette smoke in prohibited areas beyond your control by your staff and visitors. It is used to minimize, deter and detect the risks that will occur as a result of uncontrolled smoking, thanks to the audible warning after the detection of cigarette smoke.

Cigarette Smoke Detector Features
• Easy installation and maintenance
• Photoelectric sensing technology
• Test function
• High Tobacco smoke sensitivity
• Warning sounds
• Interconnectable
• Optional remote indicator or relay output
• Guaranteed and high quality products and stable operation

Cigarette Smoke Detector Usage Areas
• Factories
• Flammable Flammable Substance Facilities
• Hotels, Pensions and student dormitories
• WC and changing cabins
• Textile industry manufacturing and storage areas

Cigarette & Tobacco Smoke Detector Advantages

• Early and effective cigarette tobacco smoke detection
• Integration with existing brand-independent alarm systems
• Wired and wireless detector options

With three different solutions offered, it can monitor all risks with a central system. You can make quick and easy installation with wireless solutions.

1. Conventional cigarette smoke detector with control panel

2. Battery powered cigarette smoke detector

3. Relay type cigarette smoke detector

Our products are designed to detect tobacco smoke in accordance with its particle structure . It is only possible to detect the smoke that arises from the use of cigarettes, etc., with cigarette-tobacco detectors manufactured for these purposes. With all other fire and smoke detectors, very dense smoke is required to detect cigarette smoke. You can reach PLATIN TECHNOLOGY experts for special solutions for your business.

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