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Audible and Illuminated Work Safety Warnings

In industrial facilities and workforce-weighted enterprises, we offer solutions that support occupational safety that will warn the personnel when they enter the potential risky or instantaneously risky area with sound and light.

General use: Emergency Situations Fire, Natural disaster etc.

1: In field violations; When entering the prohibited areas, an audible automatic warning will be provided.

'' You are prohibited from using this area. Please leave ''

2: When the devices are activated; In case risky devices are activated

'' The crane is activated. Do not enter this area ''

3: Action type alert; It will provide a warning especially for multiple choice transactions. In particular, a solution will be offered to prevent incorrect fuel filling at fuel stations.

'' Diesel filling is done '' '' Gasoline is being filled ''

4: Elevator floor alert; It will be ensured that the floor where the elevator is located and its movements are audibly warned.

"the door opens" "" 5. floor ''

5: Operational information:

Warning of the risks that will occur in working devices

'' There is electricity in the device ''

`` Cover open ''

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