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Audible, Illuminated Emergency Warning System

The use of sound and light sirens to warn individuals with no disabilities and especially hearing / hearing impaired individuals in emergency situations is described in accessible project implementations and fire regulations. Sirens and Flashers have been developed with many years of experience and a series of R&D studies for the necessary signaling in order to provide the necessary warnings in case of emergency evacuation and fire detection.

It is an effective and accessible evacuation solution for the hearing impaired individuals by turning the sirens of the fire system, which is active in situations requiring emergency evacuation, such as fire, water - flood, earthquake, terrorist incidents, etc.

The new generation audible light siren and alerts produce pulse type sound specially produced for fire detection systems. Fire signs and siren signs emit pulsating light, complying with a new European standard EN54-23 for high brightness visual alarm devices. Using light, Sonos Pulse marks reach those who are audiably perishable, or workers in noisy environments, to provide effective evacuation.

Patented Pulse Alert Technology distributes light evenly, providing maximum coverage with less consumption. Sonos Impact devices are designed to fulfill evacuation requirements in most rooms with just one device to reduce costs and increase energy efficiency. Sonos Impact devices are a simple process in most environments, with upgrading existing systems to new EN54-23 compliant versions using the same base connections to previous models

Pulse Alert Technology; Pulse Alert Technology is a new beacon alert system that produces a light output that can protect most rooms with just one device.

Ensuring the most efficient distribution of light, distributing light evenly in order to maximize the effectiveness of new optical systems. The new LED lighting technology is derived in automotive applications, with a Pedigree proven for reliability and performance in the harshest environments. The patented electronic design maximizes electrical efficiency, reducing current consumption to minimize the cost of ownership and allowing more devices to be installed in a single alarm system.

Impact Alert Technology EN54-23 compliant system while doing this, design challenges bring all the answers, bring benefits.

The flash intensity and frequency of combined devices that warn with light with additional flashes to the siren are described in EN 54 in a way that they do not affect patients who are sensitive to light.

If the building is used for housing, hotel, etc. purposes, additional measures should be taken for individuals with hearing impairment.

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