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Defense Industry and Military Facility Solutions

We offer special security solutions for areas used for defense purposes, military vehicles and equipment.

CLOSED CIRCUIT CAMERA SYSTEMS: It offers solutions that will ensure maximum security of military facilities for defense purposes in all kinds of seasons and terrain conditions, and camera systems used to minimize private security and operational risks in accordance with special needs of the defense industry produce indispensable solutions for operational safety. We offer IP, THERMAL, MOBILE cameras and smart camera solutions that make risk analysis and DVR / NVR / SERVER device and command control center solutions suitable for all kinds of harsh conditions. Our products do not only register. It produces alarm scenario solutions in order to prevent the occurrence of events, problems and risks by performing event analysis. All systems record in the structure and quality determined by the institution and provide access to images of appropriate quality when necessary.

MOBILE FIRE DETECTION, WARNING AND EXTINGUISHING SYSTEM: Can be used in all equipment for defense purposes Mobile fire detection and extinguishing systems are used in all motorized, non-motorized military vehicles. It differs from conventional systems, with the expertise of platinum technology, that the fire is detected primarily by automatic sensors. After the detection, information is given on the screen of the vehicle user and if the detection is verified, the automatic fire extinguishing system is activated. In the extinguishing system, water fog is used by enabling it to make effective extinguishing with a special system. In this way, effective and rapid extinguishing is provided and personnel and equipment are protected.

MOBILE CAMERA SYSTEMS: With mobile camera systems specific to defense vehicles, personnel and equipment security is kept at a high level and risks are minimized by operational use.

FIRE DETECTION AND WARNING SYSTEM: Controlling all points of defense facilities against the risk of fire.It provides instant detection of the first formation of the fire in the form of particles and allows the fire to be intervened before it grows. For this purpose, the fire alarm systems installed by Platin Teknoloji prevent the life-threatening of the personnel in the environment and material damage to the building. The system includes a fire control panel. It evaluates the warnings coming from various type detection elements suitable for the needs of your business and activates the sirens, flashers, telephone dialer. It delivers detailed information to the call center and security point. While all these events are happening, from the moment the fire is detected, it is ensured that the previously prepared alarm scenarios are activated by sending information to the elevator, ventilation system, pressurization fans, smoke evacuation system, turnstiles, etc.

EMERGENCY ANNOUNCEMENT AND SOUNDING SYSTEM: Emergency announcement and sounding systems in military facilities are the solutions used for the rapid evacuation and direction of the employees in the buildings and safely in emergency situations.

ENVIRONMENTAL SECURITY SYSTEMS: An invisible secondary fence is created with the detection technology suitable for the physical condition of the existing external borders, and the risks are prevented by detecting the more suspects trying to enter the borders. The operator CCTV integration of the installed systems provides point information over the image and the system. In this way, security guards can easily reach the area where the incident took place, even within thousands of acres. Whatever the conditions are, detection solutions suitable for the environment or terrain are available in platinum technology. All of our products ensure that the vital needs of your family are met with a modest protection system that meets the aesthetic demands of your family along with the security requirements of the land.

It offers solutions to minimize the risks specific to the defense industry. Please contact us for special solutions for your projects in Turkey and all countries in our service area.

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