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Jam Aqua Alarm

CDBi-485 Zone Detector Module

Field detector module for connection to the detection cable.

It is made of stainless and ABS plastic.

LED on the module and internal alarm sound to give local alarm indication.

For connection to the I-Zone Mini control panel.


'Aqualarm' CDBi-485 Zone Detector Module, one purpose ABS

Box, housing of the electronic circuit. A locking line socket at one end of the module

It is installed to allow the connection of the detection cable. The other end is equipped with cloths

For connection to the PCB. There is a red LED at the top of the module. The

The red LED will flash to indicate an alarm condition. Alarm status and monitoring

Single RS485 connection to the I-Zone Mini control panel.

The module comes complete with a End-to-End Resistor Plug;

Detection cable.

Normal operating voltage: 12 volt dc

Quiescent Current: <10mA. Per detector.

Alarm Current: <100mA. Per detector.

Detector Oscillator frequency: 6kHz

Recommended connecting cable: 4 Core Cable 22AWG

Screened Twisted Pair Belden Ref 8723

Line voltage drop: 1.5 mV / m.

Approvals: BS EN ISO 9001: 1994

EMC Directive 89/336 / EEC

CD-X Detect Cable

Cable detection for all models of the control panel. Constructed of hard-worn Helegaine 66 nylon extinguishing arms providing greater protection against dust and conductive contamination.

Locking plugs and sockets for a secure connection.

Available in modular lengths of 1, 2, 5 and 10 meters.

For connection to Detector Modules and Placement equipment.


'Aqualarm' water leak Detection Cable, two flat tinned copper

The braids are separated and protected with Helegaine self-extinguishing nylon 66 sheath.

This type of configuration protects the sensing centers against dust, others

Conductive contamination types and mechanical damage. Cable available

In modular lengths of 1, 2, 5 and 10 / m. Each cable is pre-terminated with a male

And female locking line plug and socket.

Installation Method

When a liquid leaking from the piping needs to be protected, the Detection Cable

It should be fixed with cable ties under the pipeline, then steam

Gasket or thermal protection installed or fixed in the floorboard

Just below the pipeline, using appropriate clips or ties.

Where protection is required from a liquid leaking from equipment, e.g. water-cooled

Computers, chiller factory, air conditioning units etc. Detection Cable for

It is fixed on the floor around the equipment.

Cable Voltage: No greater than 2 volts from DC

Cable diameter: 8 mm

Maximum Detection Cable length:

Reconstruction System: 50 / m (including bridge cable).

ZLM-500: 500 / m (including leader / jumper cable)

Operating temperature range: +1 degrees C to +85 degrees

Construction: Self extinguishing polymer 66

Monofilaments according to ISO 3795

Braid with straight canned copper sensing veins.

Color: Gray / blue

Approvals: BS EN ISO 9001: 1994, EMC Directive 89/336 / EEC CE

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