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Rack Cabinet Electrical Lock and Control Systems

rack kabin kilidi

In every large corporation with IT Operation, from the entrance to the building to the entrance of the system room, many and various identity and authorization control (physical security) processes, including biometric, are subjected.
 However, once inside the system room, there is no control in access to the cabinet, including disk, backup, server, network devices and even patch panel: it is considered "safe". There may be tracking systems such as cameras, but these can only be used for tracking and / or retrospective tracking.
Theoretically, each cabinet is kept locked in the System Room; However, since this method is not practical in practice, these keys are either all the same, are not subject to a follow-up process or are not used at all: authorization, logging and alarm management are not made in accessing the cabinet. Solu Rack cabinet type are access control applications.
Special protection cages are installed only for critical systems (Firewall, HSM, etc.) that must be under lock and key at all times.
However, many people, including system admin, data networker, electrician, fireman, alarmist, security guard, cleaner and even visitor, can reach the side of the system cabinets (controlled or uncontrolled).
In addition, it is necessary to keep the cabinet doors constantly closed not only for safety, but also for maintaining the ambient air conditioning (temperature) balance.

rack kabin kilidi ve geçiş kontrol

• Unlike the cabinets in the Data Center, stand-alone server / system / network cabinets in remote offices are located in locked but no access control rooms or in the office. Entry and exit to these environments are not monitored. There is no information available when and by whom the cabinet door was opened or whether it was closed or locked. There is a high security risk here.

In the proposed solution:

  • It is controlled from the Management System in the center thanks to its Ethernet connection and IP address.

  • Access to the cabinet is under surveillance. Alarms are generated even with authorized access at inconvenient times.

  • It can be opened remotely if needed.

  • With the Cabinet Physical Access Control, space loss in the Data Center is eliminated.

  • Each user enters the system room only with his / her card authorized to access the system cabinet.

  • Access to other users' cabinets is denied.

  • The opening and closing of each cabinet door is followed.

Integrated System Management Software:

• Runs on a physical or virtual Windows PC based on MS-SQL.

• Authorization, Logging and Alarm management is done online, via date, time, person and card.

• Door can be opened remotely for emergency management.

• Various users can access simultaneously in client-server architecture.

• User information can be retrieved from MS Active Directory.

• It can be connected to existing Access Control System and Umbrella Alarm Management software via SNMP V.2.

For your detailed questions, please contact Platin Technology Experts.

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