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Pneumatic Tube Secure Air Mail Systems

These are internal pneumatic air-operated mailing systems that ensure safe and fast delivery of shipments to units. In the system, it is possible to transport many shipments from money to valuable jewelery, medical samples to documents.

The system allows the shipment placed in the tube to travel to the receiving station at the sending station with the compressed air and vacuum principle. There is no limitation on the distances and the number of stations. It is possible to transport shipments in the range of 0.5 kg - 20 kg and up to a diameter of 30 cm.


Pneumatic Air Mail Transport Solutions for Hospitals

Our product is designed on dynamic and efficiency, speed and cost control. With a tube system, your operations accelerate and your staff spend more time on their main tasks. With the pneumatic carrier mail system, it reaches the point sent at a speed of 4-7 m / s.

It has been developed for healthcare services from hospitals. Hygiene conditions have been taken into consideration while improving material selection and system control. Thus, it is suitable for use in all sterile areas including the operating room. Blood samples and tissues can be sent without any risk via the air mail system. The whole system is resistant to impacts, easy to clean and provides unique automation. It is possible to report all transactions.

- Lab shipments

- Analysis reports

- X-rays

- Blood, serum, etc.

Pathology samples

- Punch cards

- Medicines

Internal documents

- Small items

- Laboratory results

Pneumatic air mail systems are designed considering the physical operating and architectural conditions of each hospital. The number of buildings and the distances to each other do not prevent them from working.

Pneumatic Air Mail Transport Solutions for Banks

In all areas where the circulation of cash and valuable documents is intense, such as the banking sector, the most important criterion is the safe transportation of cash between units and their delivery to the safe.
Our air mail system is suitable for reporting all transactions in accordance with the banking system and working integrated with other banking software. Therefore, it is compatible with unmanned cash desk systems where cash can be reported.
- Cash
Internal documents
- Check, bill, bond etc.
- small item

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Pneumatic Air Mail Transport Solutions for Industrial Plants

It is presented for fast and secure mailing solutions in line with the competitive conditions and business intensity in our industrial facilities, which are the lifeblood of the economy. It has been developed to minimize all business postal operating costs and make them safer.
No matter how difficult the dirty and complex operating conditions for the air mail system are, it has been developed to perform its duty quickly without being affected by all these.The system has been developed for automobile factories, computer companies, wholesalers, petroleum refineries, logistics companies, power plants, furniture factories, underground and aboveground facilities in textile companies. and is used reliably in tunnels.

Pneumatic Air Mail Transport Solutions for Supermarket etc Retail Stores

Supermarkets, Stores, highway cabins, cinemas, theme parks, gas stations, etc. in all areas with cash circulation. Air mail systems specially designed for businesses are prepared by using appropriate pipe assemblies and increase efficiency for all businesses and ensure that security is kept at a high level.
It ensures safe and risk-free travel of cash on the route between the payment point and the cashier where the money is collected.
Therefore, the prevention of robbery, injury and indirect damages is provided by pneumatic air mail tube system.
- Money bags for deposit in safe or secure room. A bunch of banknotes are put in a bag
- Integrated cash box piping systems, banknote deposited per transaction
- One-way deposit versions
- Two-way deposit versions, small change in case want return function
- Personal registration of each transaction, sending options
- Personal storage units in case the cashier is responsible for the transactions made until the end of the shift,
- One-way deposit lines for gas stations.

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