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Panic Button Emergency Assistance System

panik alarm buton
Panik Buton Acil Durum Yardım Sistemi: Görüntü

Panic alarm, emergency medical response button and communication systems are installed in industrial facilities to quickly transmit information to security and health units in possible emergencies. Established panic alarm buttons are implemented in accordance with the existing infrastructure without requiring any modifications.

The security risks of individuals and especially children living in metropolitan cities are increasing day by day.

Due to the increasing risks, children are the most affected by the increasingly decreasing life comfort. Unfortunately, the right to have childish fun in playgrounds, sports and walking areas, picnic areas is not possible due to risks. We are developing projects in our country to ensure the safety of citizens of all ages.

We are positioning additional emergency buttons to the camera system in running tracks, urban forests, playgrounds, children's playgrounds. With this application, you can reach the security guard 24/7 by pressing the panic button and ask for help.

While the security guard who has reached the call talks with the person requesting help by voice and video, on the other hand, he can observe the surroundings with the cameras in the environment. can analyze the risk in detail. It can activate sound and light alerts positioned in the field to drive away the suspect.

With these applications that we have developed with public institutions and especially municipalities, a safer area is created by ensuring that children have fun and play games in the parks in a safer manner.

With the security center that can be accessed directly with the panic button, needs such as health assistance, police, police, fire brigade, etc. can be controlled from a single center.

  • Quick intervention in health risks such as falls, fainting, etc.

  • Quick intervention in child abduction and disappearance risks

  • Quick response to the risks of substance addicts

  • Prevention of all kinds of abuse, harassment, etc.

  • Batting, fighting and preventing all kinds of incidents

  • Prevention of theft, snatching and extortion

The emergency phone can be easily integrated into an environment with the existing telephony infrastructure. Any analog exchange can be connected to the GSM network powerhouse or directly to a landline (PSTN). For example, to control the door lock, while the extra switch that comes with a single integrated intercom can also be added to control other devices. The integrated amplifier comes standard as well as a tamper switch connection option on the current security exchange. Simple programming is provided that will guide you through adjusting parameters directly from your phone, without the need to use a voice menu site or a PC.

Panik Buton Acil Durum Yardım Sistemi: Product
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