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Foam Automatic Fire Extinguishing Systems

Foam extinguishing systems are used to extinguish flammable chemical fires or fuel-induced fires.

In principle, with the foam created in the environment, the bond between the flammable substance and oxygen is cut and the fire is extinguished. According to their chemical content; There are protein or synthetic based, film forming, alcohol resistant foam types.

Foam extinguishing systems are designed as automatic or manual systems. The automatic foam extinguishing system activates after the fire detection, rapidly produces foam, ensures that the flammable materials in the environment are completely covered and the oxygen is cut off and the fire is extinguished.

Foam is generally applied in extinguishing systems such as foam sprinkler system, foam fire cabinets, tank extinguishing system, foam monitor system, foam generator.

Foam extinguishing systems are extinguishing systems used in chemical substance storages, painting areas, chemical waste areas, tank fields, petrochemical facilities, ports, fuel transfer stations and aircraft hangars.


Fire Foam Generators

The Angus HI-COMBAT Mini-Turbex unit is a rapid spreading, first aid high expansion foam generator that produces up to 100 cubic meters (3500 cu.ft.) of foam bubbles per minute. This HI-COMBAT Mini Turbex 360 is capable of producing expansion rates between 260-: 1 With the special re-inforced fume duct, it can also be used for rapid smoke extraction (SX), positive pressure ventilation and defoaming once the fire is extinguished.

The HI-COMBAT Mini-Turbex generator is ideally suited for a wide range of industries including Municipal Fire Department, Military, Ship engine rooms, engine rooms and cargo holds, mining applications and basement total floods, flammable liquid stores, cable ducts, and general industrial applications Steam releases control of toxic and flammable liquid spills. It is also suitable for open situations where fuel spills may occur, or a fast flowing foam is required.

These generators are designed to be rugged and lightweight for portable use, and can be operated by a fireman only, quickly integrating large output units such as the Turbex MkII high expansion generator. Mini-Turbex generators are also compact HI-COMBAT, large enough to fit neatly into a fire vehicle cabinet as standard equipment, and with 3% setting the Expandol foam concentrate only requires an Angus HI-COMBAT IND225 portable foam inductor into the waterline to induce fast, efficient operation for.

The unit employs high-efficiency Pelton wheel driven fan plane technology, which provides expanded foam to be produced against high back pressures. This Pelton wheel is operated by an additional 4 nozzles, 4 water jets by spraying a foam solution directly onto the foam making mesh for bubble production. When the optional smoke evacuation (SX) duct is installed, the HI WAR Mini Turbex is also capable of rapid smoke movement at rates of up to 100m3 (3,560cu.ft) per minute. It is cooled with a water spray. Optional smoke ducting can also be used for foam removal once the fire is extinguished.

köpük su monitörü

Stationary and Mobile Foam Monitors

Our product, which can be used in areas where risks are fixed, is fixed by connecting to the existing fire hydrant line. In the event of a possible fire, water flow is provided and foam production begins. The operator allows the movement of the monitor to move the movement mechanism to deliver the extinguishing foam to the relevant points.

The monitor is equipped with a barrel to throw water and foam.

Barrel material is lightweight, made of aluminum alloy material.

Monitor body is made of durable cast material.

The monitor barrel is a manual movement system that can move 360 degrees around itself and 65 degrees up and down.

In the portable model, you can use it mobile by taking water support in the nearest fire hydrant line.

mobil köpük arabası

Mobile Foam Cart

In the event of possible fires in various areas within the enterprise, by connecting to the closest hydrant line, water flow is provided and foam production begins.

The mobile foam unit is a fully independent mobile foam unit specially developed for the rapid spread of foam extinguishing agent to fires and chemical spills.

The mobile vehicle, which requires only a hydrant connection, has all the necessary equipment for foam production and intervention.

Combined for an effective fire fighting, this advanced performance is an effective extinguishing solution for high risk areas such as unit, fuel tanks, chemical fields, boiler rooms, airports, industrial sites, generator rooms and so on.

It is suitable for AFFF and AFFF-AR foam concentrate making.

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