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Under Cushion Emergency Warning Alarm Device

otel engelli sesli ışıklı titreşim ile uyarı

Especially deaf and hard of hearing disabled individuals who are in sleep cannot hear the siren sounds in emergency situations such as fire and disasters that require evacuation.

Platinum Technology; We offer solutions with cushion vibration devices integrated into the central fire detection system to warn individuals with hearing difficulties in emergency situations.

As an example, when we consider a hotel project: Conventional siren lines of a fire detection system in accordance with standards will be 24 Vdc and the line will be energized at the time of alarm .. Special sockets to be placed on the bed heads from the central siren line during the first construction of the building and these sockets are connected to the pillow under the pillow. Vibration devices and sirens will be warned when they are active.

It is not affected by power interruptions because it receives voltage from the central system.

You can use it in all bedrooms with suitable socket infrastructure.

It is compatible with conventional siren lines of all fire detection systems regardless of brand.

Provides an effective warning.

It is CE approved and tested to all current British and European standards such as EN 61000-6-1: 2001.

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