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NOVEC 1230 Gas Automatic Extinguishing Systems

With the actions of the world's governments to regulate possible damages to the ozone layer that will reduce global warming, corporate initiatives are accelerating a transition that will leave environmentally harmful HFC fire extinguisher clean materials such as FM-200® (HFC-227ea) to more sustainable alternatives.

Novec 1230 has very low GWP, is not ozone depleting, does not circulate in the atmosphere, so it is not subject to regulatory restrictions or reductions.

With FM 200, HFC227, etc.Novec 1230, which is used as an alternative to automatic fire extinguishing systems using gas, can be used safely and with less damage to the environment in automatic fire detection solutions of all risky areas.

System Design and Operation:

For the volume to be protected with NOVEC 1230 gas, the required gas amount is calculated according to NFPA 12 and ISO 14520 standards and rules,

NOVEC 1230 tube is selected according to the gas amount,

NOVEC 1230 discharge nozzles are placed at the required points in the room installed with a cross zone fire detection system,

With the activation of the smoke detectors, current is sent from the panel to the solenoid valve of the NOVEC 1230 system,

The entire NOVEC 1230 is discharged in gaseous state to the protected volume within a maximum of 10 seconds.

System operation can be done automatically or manually.

Examples of Wide Usage Areas

IT / Server Rooms

Electrical Rooms

Data Centers


· Museums

Art Galleries

Archive Facilities

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