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Customer Satisfaction Measurement

You have opened a store in the most prestigious point of the shopping mall, you have made architectural applications that are unimaginable to be used by competitors in the store, you sell the best quality products at the most competitive prices, you have trained your staff very well.

So how do these affect the customer?

Speaking of chain stores, street stores, shopping malls, we offer solutions for retailers who have difficulties in tracking performance with the increasing number of stores and product variety.

> 89% of customers who have a bad customer experience go to a competitor. (RightNow)

> 98% of dissatisfied customers do not complain, just quit. (1Financial Training services.)

> A customer who is not satisfied with the product they use or the service they receive shares this experience with 9 to 15 people. (WhiteHouseOffice of ConsumerAffair)

> We provide real-time tracking and analysis of customer satisfaction.

Increase NPS Score

1) The personnel who are measured in the cash register / aisle where they work provide a friendly service.

2) It triggers the analyze-action process:

- What time slot are the negative votes coming in?

- What store do the negative votes come from?

- What day are the negative votes coming?

-Is there any cash registers that constantly get negative votes?

- Which aisle do the negative votes come from?

-Which days customers are happier?

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