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Social Distance Alert Solutions

The importance of maintaining social distance in areas where people are densely shared, especially in order to prevent epidemic risks, is shared by experts.

It is absolutely necessary for visitors to receive a specified number of customers and visitors inside the store in order to maintain social distance among all closed areas such as stores, markets, banks, PTT branches, public institutions, discount tents, exchange offices, museums, fairgrounds etc. We offer solutions for the preservation of social distances in the cafeterias, tea shops, cafes, dressing-dressing rooms, etc. of the enterprises that operate collectively as well as important.

Our solutions, which are produced for this purpose in all social areas for the safety of employees, provide a safe circulation area by calculating the occupancy rate of the environment within the enterprise in a closed area. The system determines the number of people through the sensor mounted on the entrance and exit doors.

It calculates the occupancy rate of the number of people inside according to the determined density limit capacity of the enterprise. The occupancy rate is shown with green, yellow and red LEDs in the entrance door area. When the occupancy rate increases, the automatic door is prevented from opening by giving a command. and with external sound warning when the occupancy rate reaches 100%

'There is density in our dining hall. Please wait for your health. ' It is audibly active for the waiting employee.

factory dining hall locker room measures taken for social distance protection

Social distance or social space is defined as the distance between the personal space and the public space, varying between 120 and 200 centimeters from a person himself.

Considering that the most effective way to prevent the pandemic that will occur as a result of the spread of all epidemic diseases that occur at certain intervals in the world will be by obeying the social distance rules, social distance practice and compliance with this rule will gradually increase in the coming years.

The system consists of two pairs of penbars and one control panel (50cm or 1m can be selected).

Number and analysis of real customers in the store, in the market

People counting system controls the entrance and exit of the environment through the penbar.

When the occupancy rate exceeds 100%, an external audible warning will tell you 'There is density in your area.

Please wait for your health. ' message giving feature

The number of people can be programmed by the user.

If the specified capacity is exceeded, the system goes into an alarm state.

Green, yellow and red warning LEDs are available, depending on the occupancy rate.

LCD screen on the panel, keypad and embedded buzzer for settings, reset function, password

system management with or key

Automatic door control in case of full capacity with relay output 220V AC

Optional connectable internal or external siren

Mounting apparatus to attach the penbar where optional wall mounting is not possible

There is an option to screw or stick to the wall.

A second PENBAR is required in areas with different entrance and exit.

Penbars work with a special feeding adapter.

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