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Customer Welcome Announcement

You can automatically greet your customers and visitors who enter your store with a voice announcement at the door entrance, welcome them and remind them of in-store rules and campaigns. .

Pay attention to social distance,

Request the products from the officer. .

Use Mask inside.

Today there is a discount in our aisles.

The system detects the opening of the door or the movement with the magnetic contact and / or motion detector to be installed on the entrance door, and announces the message to be given to the person entering.

In addition to the retail sector, it can be used in hospitals, pharmacies, workplaces and similar areas where there is human circulation.

The audible warning device consists of an audible and flasher announcement module. 4 different sounds can be loaded into the system. The voice recording memory is a piece and is twenty seconds. It can be increased up to 80 seconds. The duration of the announcement can be selected as 30, 60, 90, 120 minutes. Audio files on computers, tablets and similar devices can be uploaded by making a direct connection on the device.

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