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gaz algılama ve alarm

LPG, NATURAL GAS, LNG, BUTAN, PROPANE Gas Detection and Alarm Systems

Detection of gas and taking necessary precautions automatically is one of the indispensable needs for all areas where gas is used.

It will ensure that negativities that may occur during the use of gas are detected and prevented in a timely manner

It will ensure that you and your gains are protected.

Gas Alarm Systems

A gas alarm detector and system consists of water main elements.

1.Sense Sensor exproff

2. Electronic Evaluation / Indicator / Control Board

3. Sound / Light Warning Devices exproff

4. Automatic Gas Shut-Off Valve

5.Call center -Automatic connection modules for benefit

Within the properties of the gas, these are the points that we should underline in terms of safety;

In case of natural gas and LPG leakage, they are noticed with their artificial / natural odors.

Natural gas is lighter than air. In case of leakage, it rises to the ceiling and is easy to drain.

LPG gases are heavier than air. In case of leakage, it collapses towards the floor and is more difficult to evacuate.

The lower explosion limit of natural gas is 5% volumetric and the leakage concentration melts at 1%

volumetric, in other words, 20% LEL level. It is the ALARM threshold that is accepted worldwide.

For LPG gases, the lower explosion limit is 1.5-2% volumetric and the leakage concentration melts.

The 0.3-0.4% LEL level, ie 20%, is the ALARM threshold that is accepted worldwide.

Alarm systems need to measure up to 100% LEL level and useful

is not. A measurement between 0% and 20% LEL is sufficient.

Natural gas can be safer than LPG in terms of its higher lower explosion limit, while LPG, which has a narrower range in terms of explosive range, is more

is safe.

You can reach Platin Technology experts for all industrial gas detection and exproff equipment solutions used in your business.

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