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Wireless Fire Detection and Alarm Systems

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Wireless Fire detection, alarm and notification system It is used for the detection of fire and wireless operation of all necessary equipment in places where cables are impossible or costly to be pulled, such as museums, historical artifacts, Yali, etc. It has been implemented in many projects throughout Turkey and its excellence has been registered. Although all equipment works with batteries, batteries are long-lasting. The panel and all equipment in the field provide two-way communication online. Apart from the alarm information, pollution, battery level, communication status information can be monitored online. Features IEEE 802. Pro 100 mW unlicensed power levels and unlicensed 2.4-2.48 GHz frequency range for ZigBee 15.4 in accordance with the standard for wireless sites and features. directional radio communication; high reliability and stability due to the communication channel: - Automatic scanning during the upload process and selection of less than 16 busy channels, - (Quad Offset Phase Keychain Shift) O-QPSK manipulation directly using the sequence method and use 2 MHz radio- broaden the spectrum of the channel, - the admission of radio-traffic at various levels of radio interference (channel, transport, application) and a flexible system to analyze and react failures, - Providing backup options (system control more than 2 routes from each node), ways to deliver a notification, - Automatic path selection between all repeater levels (both during setup and in operation); information is routed dynamically Wireless devices "search themselves" for ways to transmit messages, and the display and display of the control panel can predict the quality parameters and status of redundant paths; Control panel - The system radio network system is the central control unit of all registered devices, each other devices do not have a unique connection. Any change in device location geometry is allowed. In this case, the paths for transmitting information to the control panel are automatically generated; if necessary enough to register and install additional routers between problematic wireless devices - the system provides maximum ease of installation and configuration. In this case, their paths are automatically set in the radio network; the radio network recording process is consistent for all devices, except the keychain, and the devices are not dependent on the power process; the display of quality parameters from the control panel menu of each wireless device on a scale of 8; (analog transmission and additional detector parameters, Recognizes organization of large amount of information with fast system response; high carrying capacity of two-way radio communication channel; dynamic encryption with 128-bit keys (for other radio systems using 16, 24, 32-bit switches), corresponding to highly secure wired interfaces; Maximum system capacity - 250 wireless devices of different types; number of repeater levels - up to 16; all system device outputs - universal, location of different devices, including wireless ones operating under the control panel to physical given settings; number of universal system outputs - up to 250; Number of system logical partitions - up to 96; control panel Types of sections in: - Attack, - Fire, - Fire Analogue, - Characterized by technical logical data processing and output features; the number of system users - 256; Each system user has up to 4 different physical type indicators (key fobs, TM codes, PIN codes) Different power, different sections and groups of sections can be assigned to each descriptor to open / set the system consists of wireless fire alarm control panel, wireless smoke detector, wireless heat detector, wireless fire alarm button, wireless siren beacon and wireless speaker. The system consists of completely wireless fire detection equipment and completely wireless equipment, including fire alarm sirens. Contact our experts for wireless fire alarm solutions specific to your project !!

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