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Wireless WC, Bathroom String Panic Alarm Systems

wc ipli alarm butonu

Public service providers and people live collectively;

Hospitals, health centers, etc.

Business centers, plaza, shopping malls, shops, etc. shopping areas

Station, Station, airport etc. fields

various buildings Platinum technology experts provide panic button alarm and notification systems that enable rapid information and effective intervention in emergency and health risks in general areas and especially in special areas such as WC and Bathroom.

Wireless solutions for application in existing buildings. Wireless WC line call solutions, especially in projects where it is not possible to install cables in hotels, historical buildings, etc.

256 room capacity

2-year battery life

24/7 uninterrupted operation with backup battery

LCD display with audible light and room name

Password reset

Alarm memory

Event memory

Health alarm, Panic alarm integration

Call center connection for independent buildings

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