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ıp cctv kamera sistemleri

IP Camera Systems

IP-based cameras are our future. This data transfer is made over the network or Internet connection. It is ensured that the translated image and sound in a special format are carried in the data. It uses more advanced technologies than traditional systems. It is the optimum solution considering all the costs and operating expenses of the project.

IP CCTV has been used for about 10 years. IP cameras have reached a reasonable usable maturity with a number of positive developments such as the development of megapixel sensors, the transportation of camera images in the network at a reasonable size, making them smart with software support, and the competitive conditions of the manufacturers.

Benefits of IP Cameras over traditional Analog cameras


As long as the IP Camera is connected to the network or internet, it does not need an additional local recording device.

Even if there is only one camera in the analog camera system, there is always a need for a special wiring and a local recording device. As the size of the system increases, infrastructure and recording device costs increase.


IP CCTV systems send megapixel resolution images to the recorder on the network in a suitable format and size and provide images with a size and clarity that can be used as evidence when necessary. Considering that the same clear image can be taken with several analog cameras, it offers solutions with much more economical costs.


Analog CCTV systems are based on PAL analog technology and provide low pixel resolution compared to IP cameras. The evidential images available with a single camera are not limited and clear.



IP CCTV systems run wired or wireless over existing IP networks, this makes cabling IP CCTV systems simple, causing less downtime, reducing the time it takes to install them and minimizing unsightly cables. Setting up an IP-based system is simple for anyone familiar with networking, with intuitive use and evaluation. Simple 1 camera systems only require an IP Camera connected to a network / internet connection, and can then be viewed by a PC using Internet Explorer. If POE (Power over Ethernet) IP cameras and IP networks CCTV cameras are used after even separate power is not required, they can be powered over the network cable.

Analog CCTV systems have their own dedicated wiring. Each camera has to monitor the reversing DVR wired or using the RG59 cable or similar Video Signal Cable, and each camera must be connected to a power source. This makes new facilities and additions to existing facilities both expensive and slow to implement.



IP CCTV systems allow to integrate them and coexist on other IP-based systems, such as Access Control and IP Phone Systems, etc.Integration using IP ... Integration also means that different systems work together for example motion picking up a The IP camera will automatically be able to transmit images of this movement to an IP Video Phone. IP systems also allow the direct use of IP-based services as standard, such as sending e-mail or images via FTP.


Analog CCTV systems are designed as closed circuit systems, which means they can be easily integrated with Access Control, Intrusion Alarm or other systems found in buildings. Each system requires its own cabling infrastructure, and not every device in each system can communicate with other devices.


Simple 1 camera systems only require an IP Camera connected to a network / internet connection, and can then be viewed by a PC using Internet Explorer. Our range of CCTV systems offers a very affordable range of cameras, equivalent to analog pricing. You can also work with IP Systems to be much more economical compared to traditional Analog solutions, requiring some time to setup and setup in single and multiple sites.

Analog CCTV systems are excellent value for money, and though there is a general consensus that IP CCTV is more expensive, this does not apply to every scenario. Whereas analog CCTV systems are based on legacy technology, IP CCTV represents future technology and infrastructure investment.

Platin Technology specialists will provide special solutions to your project for new generation cameras.

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