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Hearing Impaired Systems with Induction Loop

Background Noise in Hearing Impaired Hearing Aids  It Is Preventive . 

T Mod ile indüksiyon döngü.png

The most intense problem experienced by the hearing impaired individuals who have to use headphones, especially in the public space, is the communication problem with the other person due to the background noise created by environmental sounds.

Hearing aid manufacturers, who are aware of this problem, have added the T Mode option to most of their devices.

What does the T Mode (Telecoil) feature in the hearing aid do?

It is used to convert the magnetic sound wave directed through the Telecoil based induction loop units in the hearing aid into audible sound. This way, only you can hear the voice of the person speaking.

The general name of the devices that produce audible sound with T-Mode devices: Induction loop.

The presence of the induction loop system, which can be used in all areas with full public accessibility regulation, is indicated by the HEADPHONE ICON AND T warning IN A BLUE SQUARE. In such environments, it is sufficient to switch the device to t mode.

Where Should Induction Loop System Be Installed?

All Public Institutions

Banks, Post and Cargo Centers

Hotels, Holiday Villages, Hot Springs, Recreation areas

Hospitals, Polyclinics

Mosques and religious sites

Schools, Lecture Halls and Study Centers

Cinemas, Performance Halls and Theaters

Fair, Exhibition and Art Halls

Bank, ticket offices and cash desks,

You can get support from our experts for accessibility solutions suitable for your existing structure and architectural elements.

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