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HID ® Omnikey ® 5422 Card Reader

Dual interface contact and contactless Hid Omnikey smart card reader

5422 hid omnikey

Hid Omnikey  The 5422 represents the ultimate combination of contact and contactless technology in a single device. The solution features a PC-connected reader that reads/writes both a 13.56 MHz contactless smart card and virtually any contact smart card to support environments where both contact and contactless smart card technologies are required.

The reader provides users with convenience, speed and security for applications such as user authentication to computers, software, cloud-based applications, networks and websites.

The OK5422 eliminates the need to install drivers and is suitable for use with standard PC or workstations as well as thin and zero clients.


  • Versatile - Ideal for end-user environments using both contact and contactless smart card technology and migration scenarios

  • Leverages existing employee badge - Extends use of existing physical access cards to PC login as well as network and cloud applications.

  • Easy to install - Eliminates the need to install drivers; uses native CCID drivers supported within the operating system.

  • Increased security and improved user experience - Read and retrieve high security one time passwords (OTP) from Seos® card.

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