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Air Sampling Precision Fire Detection Systems

Very sensitive air sampling smoke detectors guarantee the high performance you need in all kinds of applications where it is difficult to detect smoke with conventional methods and the results are not sufficient. Sensitive and stable fire detection is possible with laser detectors, whether it is very clean, very dirty, very high, or very narrow and inaccessible.

Provides absolute protection in a wide range of applications:

- Accommodation (Apartments, Hotels, Shops and Offices)

- Reclamation Facilities

- Clean Room

- Cold storage

- Cultural heritage

- IT & Telecom

- Hospitals and Health

- Insurance

- Sea

- Nuclear Facilities

- Petrochemical facilities

- Portable Switch Rooms

- Power Generation

- Record Storage

- Transport

- Wind Energy Generation

- Storage


The fact that it has been operating in specialist fire detection applications for 20 years is an indication that the VESDA system has a proven track record and is considered the most advanced aspiration smoke detection system in the fire industry. By holding more certificates than any other aspiration smoke detector in the world has been developed beyond traditional fire alarms.

How does the aspirating type early fire detection system VESDA work?

A VESDA detector is much like a vacuum cleaner. Samples passing through the VESDA detection laser chamber, which absorbs air from a fire-protected environment, analyzes the quality of the air. It follows the particle structure during the first occurrence of the fire. The moment it detects it, it gives the warning.

Where can the air sampling type early fire detection system be used?

Simply put, VESDA could be a traditional smoke detector system, but with more flexibility it can be installed anywhere.

As the system is complimented by a high-grade ABS pipe business network, our VESDA systems can be mounted in an easily accessible position where traditional systems will be strategically placed to provide maximum protection.

The additional benefits of using VESDA over conventional detectors are greater reliability and efficiency with features such as all-airflow analysis and ignition point targeting, with the ability to work symbiotically as well as existing smoke detection and air conditioning systems.

Our VESDA plumbing design genius is that thanks to its wide variety of environments, including ceiling voids, cold rooms, computer rooms and storage. Its benefits and details can be viewed on the drop-down list above.

VESDA, the air sampling type early fire detection system, can be used to protect all sensitive and valuable equipment, from data centers with an investment of million dollars to valuable equipment storages. It is an early fire detection system.

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