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Hastaneler için elektronik güvenlik çözümleri

City Hospitals, Medical Faculties, State Hospitals, Dialysis centers, Rehabilitation centers, Care centers, Disabled life centers, Health centers, Emergency aid centers, our experts offer special solutions to minimize the security and operational risks specific to the sector needs.

FIRE DETECTION AND WARNING SYSTEM; Controlling against the fire risk with the fire detection system to be installed in all areas of the health facility, ensures that the first occurrence of the fire in the form of particles is instantly detected and it allows the fire to be intervened before it grows. For this purpose, the fire alarm systems installed by Platin Teknoloji primarily prevent the personnel in the environment from being in life-threatening danger and the building from material damages. There is a fire control panel in the system. It evaluates the warnings coming from various type detection elements suitable for the needs of your business and activates the sirens, flashers, telephone dialer. It provides detailed information to the relevant manager and security personnel. While all these incidents are happening, it is ensured that the alarm scenarios previously prepared are activated by sending information to other systems from the moment the fire is detected.

CLOSED CIRCUIT CAMERA SYSTEMS; Camera systems, which are used to minimize private security and operational risks in accordance with the special needs of the health sector, produce indispensable solutions for business security. We offer i camera solutions and DVR recording device and command control center solutions suitable for all kinds of business and manufacturing conditions. Our products do not only register. It produces alarm scenario solutions in order to prevent the occurrence of events, problems and risks by performing event analysis. All systems record in the structure and quality determined by the institution and provide access to images of appropriate quality when necessary.

KEY MANAGEMENT SYSTEMS; Key management solutions that ensure that the keys of the private areas of the healthcare facility are securely stored and keys can be easily accessed when necessary, and key uses are reported are prevented and securely protected.

ELECTRIC PANELS AUTOMATIC FIRE EXTINGUISHING; Cabin-type extinguishing systems that provide low initial investment and operating costs and high performance are used for electrical panels and cabins where fire risks are concentrated in healthcare facilities. It provides effective extinguishing with HFC227ea and HFC125 etc. extinguishing gases used in fire extinguishers. They are odorless, colorless, non-residual gases that do not harm electrical material.

WATER MOISTURE DETECTION AND ALARM SYSTEMS; Features are the solutions to prevent damage to the facility as a result of water leaks and moisture from mechanical installations and areas, to detect possible raids, to warn the relevant parties and to activate the water discharge engine, heating system, ventilation system according to the prepared scenario.

AUTOMATIC FIRE EXTINGUISHING SYSTEMS; Solutions to extinguish electrical fires in a very short time are offered for all vital devices in the healthcare facility, electrical areas and system room, etc.for areas with special risks, Automatic extinguishing systems to prevent damage to the business and manufacturing processes. The relevant extinguishing gas / chemical is selected and designed, taking into account the special situation of the establishment and the area where it will be established. The system user will make independent fire detection and initiate the extinguishing process.

CABLE TRAYS, VENTILATION SYSTEMS FIRE DETECTION AND DETECTION SYSTEMS; With a special sensor cable to be installed in areas with high risk and difficult to detect, such as electrical installations and ventilation ducts, sudden temperature changes are detected at the points where it is located, and fire is detected before it occurs. Linear Heat Detection is a versatile and economical fire detection product. Considering the initial investment, maintenance, operating costs and operating performance, .Extrem offers economical and performance solutions for fire detection needs.

ACCESS CONTROL SYSTEMS; We offer solutions for controlling and reporting the circulation in healthcare facilities, especially in areas that are available for personnel use. The doors of risky rooms are taken under control with an access control system due to the determined business, security and occupational safety needs. The control application covers all specified areas. It is possible to report all movements and to make the necessary controls online. The buildings belonging to the enterprise can be controlled and monitored from the same central software wherever they are in the world.

FIRE DETECTION AND ALARM SYSTEM TEST EQUIPMENTS; Testing and regular maintenance of systems installed with fire detection equipment is one of the overlooked needs in our country. Platin Technology has offered suitable test gases, cleaning and control apparatus for all detector types such as smoke, heat, gas and carbon monoxide, which make up the fire detection system, to the use of professional operating and fire system maintenance companies.

EMERGENCY ANNOUNCEMENT AND SOUNDING SYSTEM; Emergency announcement and sound systems installed in the facility are the solutions used to quickly evacuate in possible emergency situations that will provide the necessary ambiance by broadcasting music in suitable areas in daily life.

DETECTION OF FLAMMABLE, EXPLOSIVE AND TOXIC CHEMICALS AND GASES; Gases generated during the use and storage of gases used for various purposes in health facilities pose a risk in terms of worker health and workplace safety. It causes damage to personnel, business and products.

FIRE DETECTION WITH EXTREMELY SENSITIVE AIR SAMPLING AND ANALYSIS SYSTEMS; Especially in special areas such as laboratories, operating rooms, etc., the sensitive laser sensor, which continuously samples air from the environment, ensures that the quality of the air passing through the sampling room is monitored and the fire is detected at the moment of its occurrence.

DISABLED LIFE SOLUTIONS; These are electronic solutions offered for disabled patients, visitors and employees to meet their daily needs risk-free and comfortably within your business and to minimize possible risks. What are the risks? We offer solutions for the need for help and urgent struggle in wet areas, the need for medical assistance in general areas, and the risks of reaching exits without assistance in emergency evacuation processes.

LASER TYPE FIRE DETECTION AND SMOKE DETECTION EQUIPMENT; Laser beam detectors are used where high ceiling point type fire detection systems do not work efficiently, operating and installation costs will minimize economic and fire risks. The system ensures that the fire is detected at the time of its first occurrence by mutually controlling the beam of light it generates.

Our experts offer solutions to minimize security risks specific to the healthcare industry. Please contact us for special solutions for your projects in Turkey and all countries in our service area.

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