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Anti-Theft Mist
Build a Wall of Smoke Between You and You

Thieves love things that are heavy in price and light in burden, as long as they know that they are. Day , Night , Alarm system , shutters , walls overcomes obstacles , It is enough to have a few minutes , It takes away what it takes

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Well, what happens if he goes in and the environment becomes fog and he can't see what they're going to steal? He panics and runs away. That's exactly our solution. Burglar screening fog .

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1. Usage scenario DAY:  The thief enters the area that he has seen, threatens the missions at gunpoint and takes anything valuable that can be taken quickly in the area. Meanwhile , the anti - theft fog generator , activated by the panic alarm button , covers the environment with smoke , leaving the thief in an environment out of sight . He leaves in a panic.

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2. Usage scenario NIGHT: The thief steals whatever is heavy or light in the load, as long as it takes a few minutes. For this, the alarm passes through the shutter and the wall, the system activates as soon as it detects an alarm, produces smoke, the eye can't see it, the panicked thief has to run away.

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It uses a rendered blend to create a true wall of fog. Provides the densest and highest permanent fog.

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Where to use thief fog . 



Exchange Office 


technology market

All businesses that sell and store small and large value products 

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Modular is a small, powerful and flexible burglar fogging system incorporating all the fastest technologies.
Despite its small size, it can be integrated with all brand-independent alarm systems and panic alarm buttons.
The outer cabinet is made of plastic material to facilitate wireless communication between the internally installed devices and the outside.

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The powerful and fast fogging system can cover 600 m3 in 28 seconds.

By the time it reached 200 m3, the visibility was even less than 1 m.

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The smoke generator liquid used in the device is suitable for an average of 6 uses. When finished, it can be easily replaced with a spare liquid.

The resulting fog is non-toxic, tasteless and leaves no residue.
Toxicological evaluation was carried out according to EN ISO 16000-1:2006.

You can reach Platin Technology experts for all our anti-theft solutions.

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