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GST Fire Detection, Warning and Alarm

Gulf Security Technology Co., Ltd, GST is a key player in the Asian fire and security industry and a trusted provider providing comprehensive fire system solutions worldwide. It is a subsidiary of Carrier (Carrier Global Corporation), a leading global provider of innovative HVAC, cooling, fire, security and building automation technologies.
GST offers a wide variety of fire products and customized fire system solutions tailored to the needs of different industries. With a sales infrastructure that covers many countries and regions and includes a China-wide network of more than 120 sales offices and several logistics centers, GST has become an important part of Carrier's global business.
To meet the needs of the global customer base, GST has set up extensive R&D facilities in Beijing and Qinhuangdao in northern China. It constantly strives to develop innovative new technologies and products. GST's factory in Qinhuangdao is a large production base that produces smart electronic products incorporating innovative technology. It has advanced production and inspection equipment and strong capabilities in quality control and process management to ensure superior product quality.
GST has obtained a number of national and international conformity certificates in line with standards such as China's CCC, international UL, global LPCB, Europe's CE.

GST Brand is the world's leading fire alarm system and solution provider on fire alarm. First of all, the production area is the manufacturer of other products such as fire alarm systems, fire communication systems and building automation systems. Established in 1993, GST has quickly become one of the biggest in the industry with its market share and sales revenue in the local market and has received the "well-known brand" approval worldwide. UTC Fire & Security (UTC FS) and GST Fire detection and alarm company merged in July 2009 and with this power, many prestigious projects have been carried out all over the world and have been running smoothly for many years. Platinum Technology experts provide GST fire alarm solutions throughout Turkey.

GST200-2 / 1 Intelligent addressable Fire panel 1 loop 235 address 30 zones can be expanded to 2 loops 477 address capacity with the LC200 loop increment board including led display panel. Additional printer can be connected.

GST-IFP8 Intelligent addressable Fire panel - 2 loops 484 address including 140 zones led display panel and printer (can be expanded to 10 loops 2420 address capacity with LCIFP8 loop increment card.)

Intelligent addressable Repeater Panels

GST852RP Intelligent addressable system LCD repeater panel

GST-NRP00 Intelligent Network repeater panel Full Function Control (Repeater panel)

Graphics Monitoring Software

GSTGMC3.0 Color graphic fire control and command software. Graphic Monitoring Software It allows to monitor and control the fire alarm panels or panels graphically on the screen.

Loop Boosting and Network Connection Cards

LC200 Intelligent addressable Loop Card 1 loop (242 addresses) GST200-2 / 1 is used to increase the panel to 2 loops.

LCIFP8 Intelligent addressable Fire panel GST-IFP8 2 loop (484 address) increment card can be installed on the panel, max 4 pieces. (If a network card is installed on the panel, 3 pieces are installed.)

P-9945A RS485 Network Card GST-IFP8 & NRP01, Class A

P-9940A RS485 Network Card (GST200, GST200-2, GST200N)

P-9945A Repeater panel for Network Card IFP8

P-9960A CAN Network Card for GST200-2 (Class A)

P-9965A CAN Network Card for GST-IFP8 (Class-A)

BMS System Interface Cards

P-9930MODBUS Modbus Communication. Card for GST200-2, (BMS System Interface)

P-9935MODBUS Modbus Communication. Card for GST-IFP8, (BMS System Interface)

Panel Accessories

P-9901A Intelligen Addressable Fire Panel Thermal Printer

P-9930TCP / IP Intelligent addressable Fire panel TCP / IP communication module

P-9935TCP / IP TCPIP - RS232 Communication card GST-IFP8

System Programming Devices

P-9910B Intelligent addressable system programming device

GST-DEF-KEY Intelligent addressable Fire panels Configuration Software

P-9930 GST200 PC Connection Board

P-9935 IFP8 PC Connection Board

Intelligent Addressable Detectors

I-9105R Intelligent addressable reflector beam detector can also be used in conventional systems with a distance of 8-100 meters.

I-9602LW-NG Intelligent addressable and conventional flammable gas detector (contact and 24v output in detection state) can also be used in conventional systems.

NEW SERIES Intelligent Addressable Detectors

DI-9101E Intelligent addressable combined optical smoke + heat detector (multisensor) (Remote Indicator - with parallel warning lamp output)

DI-9102E Intelligent addressable optical smoke detector (Remote Indicator - with parallel warning lamp output)

DI-9103E Intelligent addressable dual temperature detector (constant temperature + temperature rise rate) (Remote Indicator - with parallel warning lamp output)

DB-01 Standard detector base (Compatible with DI-9101E, DI-9102E, DI-9103E)

Intelligent Addressable System Modules

I-9300 Intelligent addressable single input module (input / Monitor module)

I-9301 Intelligent addressable output module (supervised monitored relay control module) is also used as a siren control module.

I-9319 Intelligent addressable zone addressing module (Monitor / Zone control module)

C-9503 Intelligent addressable line short circuit line isolator

B-9310 Module mounting box (optional)

Intelligent addressable Fire Alarm Button

DI-9204E Intelligent addressable fire alarm button (shatterproof glass, resettable type)

D-92FC Transparent Protection Cover DC-9204E - DI-9204E compliant

Intelligent addressable and Conventional Siren

I-9406 Intelligent addressable addressable sounder + beacon loop powered

I-9403 Intelligent Addressable Siren + strobe-24VDC

C-9403 conventional Sounder + beacon

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