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VESDA OSID New generation Beam Detector 

gst beam dedektör
DC-9105E gst beam dedektör

Revolutionizing very early warning smoke detection with VESDA, the company has reinvented smoke detection for outdoor areas with Outdoor Smoke Imaging Detection (OSID). OSID by Xtralis provides reliable, cost-effective smoke detection for open areas where fire detection presents unique challenges and very early warning is not always a priority.


Solutions for all areas with complex high ceilings with the new generation Beam detector Using imaging technology based on the CMOS Imager, the OSID series offers fast setup and superior detection performance that cannot be achieved using a single photo receiver. A CMOS imager is equivalent to hundreds of thousands of photocells. Automatic setup reduces setup time from hours to minutes. CMOS imagers locate detection targets (Transmitter or Reflector) and lock onto it, eliminating building motion issues. The CMOS imager also allows to minimize drastically false alarms caused by foreign body ingress and sunlight saturation.

In its simplest configuration, OSID-R (Reflector) uses a viewer and a reflector. It works according to the principle of dimming the light using infrared rays and performs intelligent analysis at the pixel level of its reflector, which offers superior performance. Power and connection occur only in the imager, and the OSID-R only requires a single standard reflector on the opposite wall (not a larger reflector the farther you go).

Alongside this stepping model is OSID-DE (Double-ended), which uses a similar CMOS sensor with wired or battery-operated transmitter(s) roughly aligned on the opposite wall within the protected area. The transmitter sends both infrared and ultraviolet coded light signals to the imager. The innovative use of dual light frequencies in an open path device allows OSID-DE to distinguish between real smoke and other solid objects. It offers high resistance to sudden and temporary clouds of dust and vapor, significantly reducing false alarms.

The OSID range of outdoor smoke detectors offers a great package for reliable smoke detection in large or open areas. Using CMOS imaging technology, OSID not only provides reliable smoke detection, but is designed for fast setup and reliable operation throughout the detector's lifetime. Installers no longer face lengthy and costly setup processes and callbacks; and end users are no longer bothered by annoying or false alarms about building movement; dust or beam interruption. OSID offers a reliable alternative to heat or flame detectors, which typically start much later in the fire development cycle.

Osid Beam Detector Product Options



Xtralis OSI-10 Imager 7° Horizontal, 4° Vertical Shield, min. 30m, max 150m range, use only with standard power emitter, 8mA@1xemitter, 10mA@7xemitter

Xtralis OSI-90 Imager 80° Horizontal, 48° Vertical Protection, min. 6m, max 34m range (with standard powerful emitter), min. 12m, max 68m range (with high power emitter)


Xtralis OSE-SP-01 Standard Power Emitter with Internal Battery

Xtralis OSE-SPW Standard Power Emitter, 24V DC External Powered

Xtralis OSE-HPW High Power Emitter, External Power Input, 800mA@24V DC

Xtralis OSE-HP-01 High Power Emitter with Internal Battery

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