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güneş enerjisi santrali güvenlik çözümleri

Power Plants Special Solutions

Solar, Wind and Hydroelectric power plants have serious initial investment costs. Our priority measures will be to protect the investment and minimize its risks. In addition, considering their contribution to meeting the electricity needs of our country as a business; Prolonged power outages cause serious problems. It can cause big problems that cannot be measured with money. Long-term power outages for electrical power-dependent hospitals and other emergency services can be costly of living.

Platinum technology offers security solutions with thermal imaging cameras at critical points of the electricity network as well as in GES and RES power plants.

To prevent damage from possible terrorist attacks as well as ordinary crimes such as theft, it is extremely important to ensure continuity of power distribution through the security of solar power plants and switchyards. There are other threats to this risk. Problems caused by equipment that has completed its useful life or malfunction can be very dangerous. Therefore, online thermal monitoring solar panels switchyards can be monitored in the security system.

By constantly monitoring several switch parts of the electrical substation, we ensure that faults are detected as they evolve. In this case, the power company can redirect power through other parts of the infrastructure to avoid immediate downtime. This saves repair crews some time to order parts and schedule repairs.

The combined alarm system that resolves environmental security and operational risks with a thermal camera provides a high return on investment. "By combining both security and condition monitoring systems in a single system, this system has a high added value. The number of failures of the institution is reduced by an average of 20% and thus, serious savings are achieved.

With the thermal camera, it is possible to monitor the temperatures of energy transmission lines and critical parts in the substation. An alarm is activated if any point in the camera's field of view reaches a temperature higher than the preset threshold temperature.

FIRE DETECTION AND WARNING SYSTEM: Controlling the fire risk with the fire detection system to be installed in all closed areas within the facility.It provides instant detection of the first formation of the fire in the form of particles and allows the fire to be intervened before it grows. For this purpose, the fire alarm systems installed by Platin Teknoloji prevent the life-threatening of the personnel in the environment and material damage to the building. The system includes a fire control panel. It evaluates the warnings coming from various type detection elements suitable for the needs of your business and activates the sirens, flashers, telephone dialer. It delivers detailed information to the relevant manager and security personnel. While all these events are taking place, it is ensured that the alarm scenarios previously prepared are activated by sending information to other systems from the moment the fire is detected.

CLOSED CIRCUIT CAMERA SYSTEMS: GES - HEPP - RES camera systems, which are used to minimize private security and operational risks in accordance with the specific needs of the energy sector, produce indispensable solutions for operational safety. We offer i camera solutions and DVR recording device and command control center solutions suitable for all kinds of business and manufacturing conditions. Our products do not only register. It produces alarm scenario solutions in order to prevent the occurrence of events, problems and risks by performing event analysis. All systems record in the structure and quality determined by the institution and provide access to images of appropriate quality when necessary.

ELECTRIC PANELS AUTOMATIC FIRE EXTINGUISHING: In the GES - HES - RES energy sector, cabin-type extinguishing systems that provide low initial investment and operating costs and high performance are used for electrical panels and cabins where risks are concentrated. It provides effective extinguishing with FM 200 and equivalent HFC227ea and HFC125 etc. extinguishing gases used in fire extinguishers. They are odorless, colorless, non-residual gases that do not harm electrical devices.

WATER MOISTURE DETECTION AND ALARM SYSTEMS: In the GES - HES - RES energy sector, especially to prevent damage to the facility as a result of leakage and humidity that will occur out of control from electrical fields, to detect possible raids, to warn the relevant parties and to activate the water discharge engine, heating system, ventilation system according to the scenario are solutions.

CABLE TRAYS, VENTILATION SYSTEMS FIRE DETECTION AND DETECTION SYSTEMS: With a special sensor cable to be installed in high risk and difficult to detect areas such as electrical installations and ventilation ducts, sudden temperature changes are detected at the points where it is located and fire is detected before it occurs. Linear Heat Detection is a versatile and economical fire detection product. Considering the initial investment, maintenance, operating costs and operating performance, .Extrem offers economical and performance solutions for fire detection needs.

Our experts provide solutions to minimize risks specific to the GES - HES - RES energy sector. Please contact us for special solutions for your projects in Turkey and all countries in our service area.

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