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Flashni  Roshni  Fulleon

Fulleon Flashni Roshni Siren Flasher

Flashni and Roshni products are manufactured by the Fulleon group.

The flashni and roshni series fire warning sirens and strobes of the world's largest electronic fire equipment manufacturer group offer world-class solutions.

The group, which has been producing products used for more than 30 years, is the world leader in the production of emergency lighting, security, fire detection and warning systems. Contact platinum technology experts for solutions specific to your project.

ROLP-R-SRoshni Electronic Siren, Red
ROLP-R-DRoshni Electronic Siren, Deep Base, Red, IP65
FL-RL-R-SFlashni Flasher Sounder, Red
FL-RL-R-DFlashni Flasher Sounder, Deep Base, Red - IP65
SOL-RL-R-SSolist LED Flasher, Red
SOL-RL-R-Dolist LED Flasher, Deep Base, Red
SO-R-DR-10Xenon Flasher 10Cd, External, Deep Base, Red
SO-R-SR-3CXenon Flasher 3Cd, Red
CFB6D24CF Bell Motorized Alarm Bell, 6 "24V DC

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