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FM 200 Gas Automatic Extinguishing Systems

fm200 söndürme

New generation automatic fire extinguishing solutions for valuable and non-risky areas,

The electronic system detects the fire.

FM200 gas is discharged to the environment,

It quickly destroys oxygen.

The burning stops.




FM-200 is one of the systems that are accepted in the world and used in many projects to protect the world's most critical and irreplaceable assets, and is respected worldwide for its performance in projects and tests. Automatic gas extinguishing systems using FM-200 gas are used at hundreds of thousands of different points.

Many fire suppression systems can cause significant damage to fire extinguishing processes and even destroy protected areas. FM 200 extinguishing systems should be used to protect valuable places against possible fires and to prevent damage caused by other extinguishing systems. Fm 200 extinguishing systems do not harm people and the area they protect. In the event of a possible fire, it distributes the environment quickly and cleanly and fulfills its duty without leaving oily residue, particles or water behind. FM-200 stops fires quickly by suppressing the oxygen in the environment.

FM-200 Advantages:

Stopping electrical fires that will cause significant damage in as short as 10 seconds provides the fastest fire protection of private areas. Since the fire is quickly taken under control, it provides less damage, lower repair costs and an extra fire measure for business information, documents and business processes.

FM-200 can be used safely in places where people are present.

There are superior differences in FM-200® fire suppression systems in applications, FM-200 requires less cylinders (storage space), pressurized with nitrogen and pressurized cylinders are stored. It can take up seven times less storage space than conventional systems.

FM200 Gas System Features:

- It is colorless, odorless and non-conductive.

- It does not damage ozone. Its atmospheric life is 31-42 years.

- It extinguishes physically.

- Does not leave any residue after extinguishing, does not require cleaning.

- It can be used safely in places where people are present.

- It is the most widely used Halon 1301 alternative.

- It is economical.

- Takes up little space.

Discharge time is 10 seconds.

FM200 Gas System Components:

It consists of FM 200 chemical agent, mainly four components and accessories of these components.

1. FM-200 Components: The cylinder in which the FM-200 gas is stored consists of the cylinder protector and the FM-200 discharge nozzle.

2. Control Panel: It is the brain of the system, it is used to view, monitor and activate the detection system and equipment.

3. Detection and Warning Elements: Detection detectors and accessories in the system, sounders that give audible and visual warnings, are the external equipment of the system that fulfill the function of eyes and ears.

System Design and Operation:

The amount of gas required for the volume to be protected by FM-200, vapor is calculated according to NFPA 12 and ISO 14520 standards and rules,

FM 200 tube suitable for the gas amount is selected,

FM-200 discharge nozzles are placed at the required points in the room installed with a cross zone fire detection system,

With the activation of the smoke detectors, current is sent from the panel to the solenoid valve of the FM-200 system,

All FM-200 gas is evacuated to the protected volume within 10 seconds at most.

System operation can be done automatically or manually.

Examples of Wide Usage Areas

IT / Server Rooms

Electrical Rooms

Data Centers


· Museums

Art Galleries

Archive Facilities

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